Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We deal a lot with birthing and pregnancy and babies in general in house. Doll is, of course, the constant sun around which this all spins, but it can be attributed to any random doll that Harry takes a shine to really. Today it was the incredible and amazing realisation that she could have TWINS! Oh yes people, two babies at the same time. Here she is demonstrating her massive belly. She loves having this belly (she called this twin belly her 'enormous' belly, which was a step up from her normal 'massive' belly with just one baby in it). She was demonstrating to me how she can only do modified versions of her yoga poses, and then she did a little waddle. Actually it is no little waddle, this is theatrics of the highest order, where she hangs her arms like dead weights behind her as she lurches from side to side with the dolls wobbling across her as she walks.

I have said it before and I'll say it again - we will be the only grandparents with one child and ten grandchildren.


narelle said...

oh my that is the cutest video! i loved every second of it. juju! what a great name. what a great imagination, and how time flies in their world.

kristy & nick said...

Hi Harriet, I really do hope my last 2 weeks go as fast as yours did and that my baby makes an appearance into the world that easily! So very very cute :)