Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Been Difficult

So we're still living out a tricky little moment in the time of Harriet's life. To be fair to her she's been really very ill for about a week and it's been hard for her what with staying inside from the rain and feeling horrible.

One of the latest issues we'll be more than happy to see the back of is her latest selective food interest. She has gone from a child that would just try anything and eat *everything* to a little girl who will eat a choice of about five or so things. I know nearly every child goes through this phase but I'll just be glad when it's over. Mind you it has coincided with her sickness, so perhaps we'll be lucky to see it end when she perks back up.

When she's feeling ok though, Harry has been hilarious. She tells detailed stories and we have no idea where she gets some of the story lines. If only I could think of just one right now! James got in the car when we picked him up from the airport last week and her first words to him were "Hello Stinkybutt Papa!". She can use scissors properly (with just two fingers), she can write the letters "H, t, i, r, o" and she is really into counting at the moment. Just this afternoon she stopped as she got into the car in order to stand up very straight and, with strict attention, counted the cars in the carpark. She gets a little confused over 13, 14...18, but she really understands how many she's counting, it's not just rote (obviously, since she doesn't count it out 'properly'!) and I think I should probably concentrate on teaching her some more numeracy issues.

Is this what they call 'crab apple cheeks'? To me they look a little like reverse dimples.

To tell you the truth I'm a little tired tonight and don't really have a lot of energy to write up stuff but I have been negligent with this blog. I really am sorry and I need to keep on top of it because I want to have a full record of her life as she gets older.

One of the reasons I have been busy of late is my business is in the works. The website should be up and running sometime in late July, so I'll post a link here too if anyone's interested.

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Anonymous said...

The top photo looks surreal !! That girl sure is crazy, love the twisted tongue.
xx Lis