Sunday, May 25, 2008

Things Heard Today

"I have a dead body in my bag" - said many, many times very loudly in our local shopping centre today after the monster incident below.

"There's a monster that lives in there, so be careful Mama. If you get up close you can hear him talking. I have a bag that has written on it 'For Monsters Only' so I can put him in here." - the monster 'lives in' the bins underneath the fruit and vegetable display tables and Harry is fascinated by them every time we go to this particular greengrocer. She pulled off a plastic bag, ran her finger across it as she read out the 'For Monsters Only' part and then proceeded to put the monster in the bag. Then we put Doll in the bag so that other people could see the monster. And this monster eats capsicum (that was my suggestion because we had some in the trolley).

"I love Nana Grandpa so much!" What do you love about them Harry? They are SO CUTE!" - and then she got all smoochy and giggly because we were talking about NanaGrandpa.

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