Friday, March 21, 2008


Tonight Harry informed James that underneath her arms she has "arm lashes". They are apparently "like eyelashes...actually, more like eyebrows, but you can't see them. What's under the arms called anyway?". I love the way she uses her language as though she is an adult, with her use of words like nearly, always, anyway, kind of, perfectly, etc. It just sounds so adorable coming out of her mouth.

And speaking of speech, boy can this girl talk. She doesn't stop. All. Day. Seriously. NO, SERIOUSLY! Here is a stream of consciousness that she said the other day and I jotted it down as an example of how she just says and explains every little thing that she is thinking:

"I don't like jumping down because I hurt myself and just do crying and crying, that's why I like to be careful with jumping"

Now that's verbatim, but the thing is I hadn't asked her for a reason or talked to her about anything. No, this was purely her soliloquy whilst standing at the small step leading down into our backyard. Just said out into the air for no reason whatsoever. And that's not half by any means. As anyone who sees me in real life can atest, Harriet not only talks all the time, she requires a lot of feedback whilst doing it. This, of course, makes it impossible to have any kind of conversation with anyone else. By the end fo the day I am almost hoarse! She also just doesn't accept any old description or excuse. Things must be explained in excrutiating detail, especially if it is a reason about why she can't do something. I am always very careful to make sure that the reasons I give have been thought out to the last letter, otherwise I am sure to be 'found out' and have the alternative summarily explained back to me about why she therefore can do what she was talking about. God I love her.

One of our favourite oft-repeated discussions is when someone blows their nose. Harriet pipes up with "What are you doing Mama?" to which I reply "Blowing my nose Harry". "Boogers?" "Yep, Harry, boogers". "You know Mama, I just use my finger for boogers".


Sif said...

LOL, I was just saying today that Bryn never shuts up. Thankfully though, he's happy to accept my explanations mostly without question (Erik, not so much)... Especially, if I saying we can't do something right now, I might say, "But we'll do it on Tuesday" and unlike his brothers, he'll come back, "Ok, mum, on Tuesday" OMG, I thank the gods for him some days because of this!

I think kids who are spoken to like adults will speak like adults. I've never talked "baby talk" with my kids, never left out words in sentences to simplify them, and so my kids have all spoken a bit like little adults - though, admittedly, all three seem to have issues with mispronounciations, but these are not because they don't know what the words should sound, they just don't replicate them... The one time Dave tried to mock Bryn's pronounciation of biscuit (at the time, dipsit), Bryn firmly told Dave not to be an idiot! this was early last year some time, rofl...

casso said...

Wow, I wish Harry would accept things like that sometimes! I mean, I love her curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge but it can be so tiring sometimes! (read: any day after 4pm)

I agree about children being spoken to like adults - I can't be bothered to have two methods of speech to tell the truth, it sounds like a lot of work. I remember that post about Bryn and the dipsit! :o)