Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

Ok so we don't 'do' Easter. But the photography women that I hang out with on Flickr were all posting their Easter photos, so I felt compelled to do the same, but it was a little different. No Easter bunny ears to be found, just a construction hat and some crazy playroom mess (it got cleaned up straight after this photo was taken!). Have a look here. All of my other Flickr photos are friends and family only, which means that you have to be a member of Flickr and apply to be my friend in order to have them visible to you.

In other news, this evening Harry was being just SO, SO adorable. At one point she was telling us all about how she was doing juggling (read: throwing three balls into the air at the same time) but it was taking her so long to get all of the words out and her very complicated description of who everyone was in the scenario she was setting up that she got herself confused and we both tried very hard not to, but ended up laughing out loud (which she thought was pretty funny as well!).

Then she was standing there at a funny angle. I asked her whether she needed to do a poo. To which Harry replied "I don't need to do a poo, I'm just rubbing this ball on my bottom". HAHA!! It was classic! We all had a wonderful day today and I think Harriet is going to fall over with excitement when she realised that Papa is still home! Yay!

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