Wednesday, April 02, 2008


James and I have been writing some things down lately from Miss Harry. Here are a couple of quotes from her:

* I'm so excited I can barely say "I want strawberries now" - not too sure exactly what was causing her to be so excited now. But gee it was funny when she said this!

* That's not a space fork, it's a home fork - said when I made the mistake of suggesting one of her forks (used for eating during the reading of a space book) might actually be a fork that could be used in space

*I don't know about counting, I'm just learning. I need you to help me - this was to Jimbo in a hardware store, so I'm not too sure on the details. Can you come in and write it up James?

*I don't want to grow up and be a teenager because I want to be a MAMA cos Doll needs me to look after her - lately she has been really upset by any suggestion of her growing up. Obviously the Peter Pan complex is starting early for this one! But she really gets distraught at the idea and seems to equate growing up with not being around to look after Doll.

* I can't believe you did that! You're not a normal Mama, because normal Mamas don't do that kind of thing - this made me laugh out loud! She told me today when I was jumping up high to try and flick down the swings that had been swung all around the frame - I think most mothers given a sad child and a twisted swing frame would have done exactly the same thing!

We have had a couple of really difficult weeks with Harriet lately. She has been out of sorts, not her normal self, totally unpredictable and moody. But as soon as I wrote about this to a group I'm on, she seemed to 'turn the corner' and has been the most wonderfully fun, silly, intelligent and crazy person to be around. We think it has had a lot to do with her growing closeness to james that has unfortunately coincided with his weekly trips to Melbourne. Today she woke up when he left at 5.30am and although she was devastated when he drove away, it did mean that during the day she seemed to be a lot more at peace with the fact that he was away. Given that toddlers have no real grasp of time (well Harry doesn't anyway) I think she was kind of living on edge, wondering which day would be the one James was leaving on. She had also started to say things like "I am so happy you're home tonight Papa", which suggested to me that she might not have any idea of when he was going to not be there anymore.

But it's very late now, I really have to get to bed. Sorry for no big posts lately, and still no real posts about me even though I promised. I have just been photo session mad lately and all spare moments have been spent proofing them to tell the truth.


Jen said...

Hi Cass :) .

Good to see a post and some new photos of Harry :) . Angel is a little the same as Harry with the aging process, only difference being that she believes that she will (and everyone else for that matter) one day be little again. That is a hard one to try to get around and have her understand that life only goes one way ;) .

I was thinking about Harry's concept of time and also her worry over Jim leaving. Angel has no concept as such, but picks things up from what we say to Kaeden. He has a very strong sense now of schedule and what is happening on each the night before we will discuss what the next day is called and what is happening. He is pretty good with this by now. What I have noticed though is that Angel has picked it up and is getting quite good at following it and understanding too. So for instance if you were going to be heading to the park then put the outting in a longer chron order. Ie, we will go to the park and then we will come home, dinner, bed etc and then Dad will be home. You may already do things like this?

Kaeden also has a magnetic days chart that he does each day. It has the days of the week, date, month, weather, year and special occasions. Angel has also started to help him with telling him the day and he sources the word by going through the first letters sounds :) . He got it as a gift but i think you can get them from two dollar shops.

I am amazed at just how much Angel has picked up and does with having her big brother there to mimic and learn from/with.

casso said...

That is just such a GREAT idea Jen, thank you! I am going to look up one of those right away! We talk about the name of the day that it is thatday, adn the days of the week in general, but it's still very abstract for her.

And I have also been using your longer day frame vision too which has been helpful. Discussin with her that we will be doing one thing, then another, then a shower or whatever. It has been helping her to get that internal clock working I think.