Saturday, March 15, 2008

She Writes!

The other day Harriet worked out how to write the letter 'H'. She was so excited to be able to write that she's rekindled her interest in drawing just so that she can have the paper and markers out to write more. The other big revelation came when she realised that if she left off one of the vertical strokes then she had also written 't'. This was great stuff!

So when we went out with Kristie and Tara yesterday she was very excited to be able to not oly draw a picture of Tara, but to also write the letter 't' next to it. We're thinking that it shouldn't be too much to show her how to write 'A' since 'H' is down pat.

In other news, I have started doing some shoots and am pretty busy with the proofing of those. I promise to come and reply to all the other comments in the previous post, but in true Harriet form last night she was awake from 1am - 3am the night before a really big, busy day. So we are both anxious to try and fit in some sleep tonight when we can. Tomorrow I have two more shoots so I've got my fingers crossed for a peaceful night.

I'll leave you with my latest favourite photo (as always double click on it to see it nice and big):

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Sif said...

Ooooh, I can see why that photo would be a favourite! It's fantastic, really fresh!!!