Sunday, December 09, 2007

You Thought I Was Joking?

Just so that you know we aren't exaggerating, here is a TOTALLY exhausted Harriet yelling and mumbling her way through the Olivia's Missing Toy soliloquy.

I just uploaded some phone photos from a while ago too, and I used to have this one as my desktop. It's of her leaving Playgroup one day and although she has a brave face on here, it was a sad day. She does love those Playgroup dolls.

This one is very grimy...hmmm...probably due to one or two inquisitive toddler fingers. I just love this shot, such a shame about the smudginess. James thinks it should have the caption "How you doin'?".

And finally, when we were supposed to be meeting James in the city, Harriet decided that the best way to view the world was from below. So down went the bottom and there she sat. I snapped this in the hope it gave credence to my description of why we were running late to Jimbo.


funkylamb said...

Oh my goodness she looks like James blended with Ted in the "leaving daycare" photo. I don't think we even knew you then did we?

casso said...

You must have known us then I think. She was about 18mths? And we're at Lennox House which we found out about through IWAP I *think*?

It's just almost impossible to think back that far though! I can't remember this child at all!