Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funny Things

Today Harry was playing with Doll and out of the blue said "Want to go back to new house in Perth". I asked her why adn she said that she wanted to go back to Perth. I asked her if she wanted to go back for a specific reason - to do something or see someone? She said "Yeah, go back to Perth to see Grandad and Nana Lee. Miss them very much".


In order to calm herself down in bed the other night James encouraged her to do a yoga breath. She did a yoga breath that had so much excitement and vigour that she launched herself up on her knees and then fell back down on to the bed with a bounce. Which caused the biggest giggles. And a LOT of repeat performances.

"You don't know why that tree is there" - just pointing at a random tree in Centennial Park

She is obssessed with having her dolls have 'hoods' on them. This means, in layman's terms, that she is pushing around what, for all intent and purposes, looks like a blanket in her doll stroller. In actual fact it is her Doll wrapped up entirely within a blanket. Quite a few old ladies stop us when she has this arrangement going on, and ask where her Doll is. Harry pats Doll's head endearingly and says "Doll sleeping. Needs the hood on". The old ladies look a little bewildered, and try to share a look with me. I just nod and smile, nod and smile.

One of her favourite games is having all of her figurine dolls (eg: her Little People and people from the tractor Jennie gave her last year and the dollhouse family) get sick and go to the doctor. The other day we were talking about how one of the dolls was sick. I asked where he was sick and Harriet said "In the head". I asked how we could help him and she said with authority, "Need head otoscope". Hmmm... once she invents one of those we're on easy street.

So it's coming up to Festivus and we're organising what we're getting for her. The doll indulgence is pretty high up for us. She seriously has some sort of doll/baby fetish. Everywhere we go she has to stop people and look at their babies. She also heads stright for the dolls in any shop (not the Barbie/Bratz/Polly Pocket types, the Baby Born, Little Mommy types). So we're getting her another doll, a doll bed, some books (of course - many, many books), tea set and maybe even some Duplo if we can find our way to it. It's a sickeningly feminine gift array, but she really does love her dolls.

You know, even with the blogging, I still haven't recorded even a tenth of all the things Harriet does on a daily basis to make me laugh and smile and love her to death. Just today I know I was sitting on the playroom floor laughing out loud at something she was talking about, but for the life of me I can't remember it. I just hate to think that I'm already forgetting all of these beautiful moments.

And this last photo - seriously, she was spinning around a pole and I just happened to catch this pose. Check it out! She looks like it should have "I like horse riding, candle lit dinners on teh beach..." next to it.

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