Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walking Home

Harriet was falling asleep at home, so in order to keep her up for the remaining hour or two that we needed to make it to bedtime, I suggested that we go to the station to meet Papa off the train.

Doll was given much love while we waited for the train. She is wrapped here in "grandma blankie", the blanket that my Grandma gave her when she was born. It is her favourite blanket for Doll.

We met up with Papa. Actually Harry was halfway up the formidable set of stairs because she refused to wait for him at the base of the stairs on the 'home' side of the station. So she literally walked into him when she was just a few steps from the top. We made it to the top, then Harriet decided she wanted Doll to see the other side of the station. So, over we went, and down to the other side where the carpark lies. Here she is smiling dutifully for the camera with Doll in her stroller. You can see what I mean from the previous post about Doll being wrapped up with her hood on - she looks like a random blanket thrown haphazardly into the stroller

Then all of a sudden - WHOOSH! Doll had the countdown "Five... four... three... blast off!" and of into space she went. She didn't receive her spacesuit and oxygen until she was well into orbit, but this didn't seem to affect her in the slightest.

Just in case I didn't see Doll enjoying herself, Harry made sure of it.

Then it was time to put back in the stroller, only this time she needed the 'shadecloth'. The shadecloth is a recent addition to the stroller experience, an addition since spending time with Ruby and BabyTessa (yes, all one word) the other day. Tessa had a dark shade over her part of the Phil & Ted's pram and Harry was transfixed by this, and insisted Doll have one when she came home from that particular excursion.

We had asked her where we were heading to - and she pointed us in the right direction.

However we had only gone about three metres when Harriet stopped, insisting on knowing why the numbers on the car spaces had gaps in them. We had a little discussion about stencils which seemed to abate her worrisome focus and then we came unstuck as to where exactly Harry wanted to go.

At this stage Papa thought it best to show her exactly where we were. Here they're looking through the train station at our street. He discussed how we had two options - a shorter route involving walking back through where we came from, or a longer route back up along the river to our house.

Harriet, of course, decided on walking along the river. Which we did. And Harry delighted in walking in the grass, picking up seed pods and being gorgeous.

And um....this photo is here because she is beautiful. So sue me.


The Things I'd Tell You... said...

She really is, you know. Beautiful, I mean. She seems like the most enchanting child. I love reading about her adventures. :)

casso said...

Thank you, that is so sweet! Yeah, I'm a bit biased but I figure enough cute photos must mean other people will want to check out her cuteness too. ;o)