Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ok, Some Other Stuff

Now that I'm not committed to finishing off any photos, I can write a bit more.

So, the other day we went to see Miss Melinda at the hospital. Apparently they're keeping her there because she is too darn adorable to be released on to the public. Welll...that's why when you ask HER. Probably best you don't do that. The real reason is that she just loves the little jellies they serve at lunchtime. I know, I watched this fatty slurp one up in record time.

But no matter what the reason, Harriet really, really loves going to see her. "You don't know why". But the whole time we were downstairs waiting for the doctors to stop prodding Melinda, Harriet was repeating over and over, in some sort of daydreaming mantra - "Bee-lind-darr". Once or twice she said "Mee-lind-darr" too (I had only been explaining the difference to her all morning). Honestly, the girl's been on a television show and next thing everyone wants a piece of her.

It was absolutely The Harriet Show when we were there though. Everyone in the ward was watching her pirouette for her ballet dancing, do her yoga (her latest favourite pose is 'Bee'), run up and down the ward, point out the buildings outside the huge windows, and discuss poo (Harry's favourite subject). Luckily Melinda was able to walk out into the main visiting room so the poor other patients could have a reprieve. All jokes aside though, we hope you're feeling better soon Melinda! One day we'll catch up out of hospital and the girls can go crazy together (gawd, I shudder at the thought!).

We also went to Linda's 30th picnic the other weekend which was loads of fun (although only slightly stressful to get to - not directions or anything but...oh never mind, maybe when I can be bothered reliving it I'll write about it!). Harriet burst into tears when she saw Kicka's Movember contribution which was completely understandable. Truly, he turned around to say hello to the little girl and after talking about him and Linda all car ride, she promptly had the bottom lip quiver and burst into terrified tears!

Here she is diving headfirst into the maelstrom that is her doll stroller. She has her ladybird bag from Lisa (that I want! So cute), the dress from Clair that she insists on hanging over the back, the bag for our rug, her bag for 'shopping' at home and she's wearing my hat that I won from th equiz with Jacqui Norris - do any of the vets reading remember that quiz? I won a Fish Record voucher!

A little aside - the other day she wrote a shopping list when I was writing mine. I said "tomatoes", then she would say "I need tomatoes too" and write tomatoes - which would mean she'd scribble up and down in a little spot on her paper. It's actually a very close approximation of writing. Anyway, so she popped this into her 'shopping' bag on her stroller because we were taking it to the shops this time. Fast forward a couple of days and Harry opens up this bag to put her purse in there (with "very special balloon Mama, no-one can touch it cause it's special for Harryret, put it in the purse and no-one can see it". She opens the bag and sees her list. She pulls it out and slaps her hand over her mouth in surprise, exclaiming "Whoops! I forgot you put this in there! Silly! Take it out now to put in special balloon". It was just so adult, the 'forgot you put this' part. All of it was said as part of her running monologue to herself. And now that I've bored you silly with that little anecdote, let's move on, shall we?

We went in to see Papa in at work during the week. Harry has been seriously pining for James all this week. The other morning it was quite tragic. Everything was causing tears, Harriet was generally out of sorts and very irritable. She asked for boobia and during this time I discussed how there are lots of ways we can feel better when people are sad. We can get kisses and cuddles, think about happy things or we can talk about why we're sad. At this she pops off, looks up at me and in a very plaintive whine says a long, drawn out, very tragic, "Paaaapppppiiiiiaaaaa" with the saddest toddler eyes I have ever seen.

Poor sweet pea! I was so glad she told me! So I asked her if she was sad because we didn't get to see Papa that morning (we woke up late) and she nodded mournfully. I asked if calling him at work would make her happy - she practically grabbed the phone by Jedi mind powers from across the table, such was her enthusiasm for the suggestion. And after a phone call to Papa, all was right with the world and the afternoon went swimingly. Sometimes people are way too quick to forget that these are little people with quite complex emotions that they don't really have a grasp on. Give them a bit of respect and they will always respond.

Other excitement in the house is afoot - the Christmas tree is up! WHAT?! I can hear many of you exclaim. Yes, yes, we are not the most festive folk it is true. However last Christmas James made the commitment that he would engage in the whole Christmas 'thing' (to a point of course - having a nativity scene in lights across the front of the house along with bobbing head reindeer alongside wasn't part of the WAS apparently in it for the house two streets up from us though).

Grandpa and Nana were here to help put the tree up, much to the excitement of Harry, who was actually much more taken with the round of applause that we gave at the end of the procedure. She asked us to repeat it...oooh, about four times I think wasn't it Jan? And in her bath that night she was found to be repeating the clapping scene with much excitement on her own.

Ok, I am working my way backwards and am getting on to the Perth photos soon. Never fear, it will be posted here!


Sif said...

Oh, nice to see photos of Meee-lind-darrr! Say hi from me the next time you see her, if she even remembers me, LOL...

Crazy Mumma said...

Ahh, Miss Harriet is utterly adorable as usual :-) The second pic of her and Melinda would look fab in b&w? Melinda looks quite well, all things considered, can you let her know I'm also thinking of her next time you see her? Cheers, Julie