Friday, December 07, 2007

So, So, Far Behind

Oh man, I am so far behind in this blog. There has been so much happening in the life and developmental times of Miss Harriet, but I've been too busy catching up on some work at night to come in here and write about it.

She has a million 'new' things. Let me see, I'll try to remember a couple of them:

* Oh my god, have I not written about the "You don't know why" yet? If she doesn't understand something she doesn't ask "Why?", it is expressed as "You don't know why". Which is a lot easier to take than incessant whys, and it is said in such a particularly proper tone that is all too adorable.

* "THAT'S MY TOY!" - Not her's per se, but Olivia's. There is a book called Olivia and the Missing Toy. In it there is a page where Olivia, in very big letters, yells out a monologue about how upset she is that she has lost her toy. Harriet has this monologue down word-perfect (this only takes one read of a book, you can ask Nana and Grandpa about that one!). The problem is that she loves to yell it out just as loudly as Olivia does. And that is very loudly indeed. She has asked to yell this out on train carriages, in cafes, bookstores and, best of all, just the other day, in a hospital ward where we were meeting the lovely Melinda (or Bee-lindar as Harry calls her for some mysterious reason). It was so loud when she started to yell it in the hospital that out of pure shock and instinctive reaction I slammed my hand over her mouth - it shocked the daylights out of her! Poor poppet, I did have to calm her down and explain why such loud shouting isn't entirely appropriate in the hospital.

* Pronouns are now on about a 50/50 correct state. It is of course more difficult this way as well. For example when a fractious toddler says "You help me with this", before you do anything you clarify who is 'you' in that scenario, because god forbid that you assist Harry when she wants to help you instead.

I do have a lot more to write but it is late and I just wanted to remind everyone that we're all still alive here after being on the west coast. Just very, very busy.


Sif said...

Gawd, I'd given up on your blog! Behind indeed, must be good to have a life!!!

Gorgeous photos (but you know that, so I don't need to say it, hahaha)...

The pronoun thing is a crack up isn't it?!

Bryn doesn't mix his pronouns so much as his verbs adverbs... He says, "Yes, I am!" where he means to say, "Yes, I do!"... Sounds odd, but isn't terribly confusing, I guess.

Cathryn said...

Sariah loved that very part of the same book.

And yes, "you help me" would be a very important sentence to clarify! Cute!