Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well we have moved! Not without some minor dramas as all things become when moving, but we have done it. Harriet was really out of sorts and started screaming, hitting her head and hitting the walls when Jan, Mike and I did some car loads on Friday. So anticipating it would be much worse if she saw the truck being loaded, we made the decision to keep her well out of the way on Saturday and just return once things had been arranged at the new house. This seemed to work well and on Saturday she was quite happy to muck around in the new place and read her books at bedtime like normal. But during the night she kept waking and crying out that the door was in the wrong place and the stereo was playing music from the wrong end of the room (she has some soft music we play at night while she sleeps - it used to be to drown out the pedestrain noise at the old house so we're planning to phase it out here). So that first night was very low on sleep and high on reassuring cuddles and feeds. But the second night was tops! Since then Harry has loved being in the house. In fact this morning she did some artwork which I'll post when I get a chance to take a photo of it.

On Sunday we went out with Nana whilst Grandpa had a little resting nap and poor Haz was pretty exhausted - exhausted enough to fall asleep at the breast whilst out, which she has only done once before and that was last week. So she's obviously exhausted poor mite. But it didn't stop her from giving Nana a massive smooch. Her lastest thing is kissing; she's worked out that not everyone needs (nor wants!) a frenchie, and that just puckering up will suffice. She's also taken to being extremely cute and spontaneously affectionate by wrapping both arms tightly around our legs and giving a huge squeeze as well as the aforementioned kisses.

Last week we all got rotavirus. And to quote one of Harry's latest words - "Yucky!". In fact Georgia had to be hospitalised with it after coming into contact with Haz for just an hour or so. No-one could keep down water, neither James nor myself could physically stand up and I was open mouthed breathing. It was seriously dire. Harry fared the best out of all of us because she had already had it when she was 12mths and was able to mount some form of immune response whilst us adults lay prostrate to the virus. Into this packing/illness maelstrom arrived Greta and Colette from Perth! Harriet had a ball hanging out with them. Us four girls all went for a shop in the city, had some coffee by the water on another day and Harriet basked in the attention of two doting admirers. It was great to see you two but such a shame about the timing and the lack of free time. You'll just have to move over here I think.

That's just a quick update for now to keep you all in the loop. I didn't take any photos for about two or three days (I can hear the cumulative intake of shocked breath from here), so not too many photos at the moment. Don't worry, I'm looking to remedy that situation asap. You'll all be the first to know. But hurray for our new house!

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Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

HOORAY!!!! Super congrats on being in the new house :) and I am so glad to hear that it has warmed on Harry and she loves it now :) . YAY also to you all being well again! :) Love the kissing pic, unfortunately Angel still open mouth, slip in the tongue kisses ;) but I tell you after a hard days work i will take a dozen of them :)

Can't wait to see the artwork! is that on the wall of her room? did you end up painting it with the blackboard paint?