Friday, February 09, 2007


I forgot to mention in the last post that Harriet is obssessed with putting on her own shorts. She just will not allow anyone else to do it. Which isn't too much of a problem because she can get one leg through, it's just that pesky other leg still hanging out there. And when she goes to catch that recalcitrant foot, the other one pops back out again! Honestly, whoever invented the two leg system will have Harry to answer to. The only way I can get her fully dressed is to distract her with something else that requires her to stand.

And that activity is definitely getting her to unlock the car. She loves putting the key in the lock and opening and closing the car. As well as demanding her favourite song be played (Love Will Tear Us Apart - she's going through her teen angst phase early). So most mornings I've just taken to giving her the car keys whilst she's naked, following with clothes and nappy in hand and just dressing her as she stands at the car in the street. It makes life a lot easier. Plus some great looks from strangers and a story to tell at her 13th birthday party to make her cringe.

PS - photo courtesy of Jan and Mike (an oldie but a classic)


Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said... if we see Harry driving down the road we will know she has progressed from simply using the keys to open the car doors? ;) .

Now, don't think I am stalking you or anything but I was reading Clair's blog and saw your comment. I hope that you are all over the gastro soon and that the move goes well this weekend. I will be thinking of you guys and can't wait to hear from you again when you are moved in :)

Claire, Ola & Mia :o) said...

tell me about that shorts business, now Mia has progessed from the getting 1 leg in to getting both legs in, only probably is that she puts them both into the same leg hole..then pulls the shorts up and wonders why she can only get a couple paces before falling over herself...very frustrating, but also rather a point.

So from Jen's comments you moved into the glorious new home this weekend. CONGRATULATIONS!!! CAn't wait ot hear all about it.

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while, its been a tad hectic over here, but I'll try pull the finger out soon and get back on to the correspondence & posting photos business.

Hugs xxx

casso said...

Jen - thanks so much hon, it turned out to be rotavirus and a friend who saw Harry on Sat was hospitalised on Sun from it. That's how bad we were! James was horribly sick for 4 days, I was sick for about 24hrs but then had a vertigo attack on Wed. All horrible and the worst timing ever! Loved your Valentine biscuits too. Yum!

Claire - I have missed you SOOOOOO much! Are you house hunting yet? Where are the photos? I keep checking your site but none yet *pout*. I don't want to miss Mia's growing up! We'll be back to normal in about a week so will call you then. From our new inner city abode. Cos we totally rule. But you already knew that. ;o)