Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wees and Poos

So Harriet loves her potty. She also loves it when either Mama or Papa go to the toilet (in fact watching Papa go elicits it should). So it comes as no real surprise to us that in the last t wo days Harry has decided that she would like to give toilet training a go.

The main issue she has with it is timing. for example I came out from hanging up some clothes today to find a puddle of wee in the lounge room...I walked out to the playroom and found her potty with a square of toilet paper in it...and then in the toilet was the lid of the toilet down and a streamer of paper hanging out from under the lid. With my Holmesian hat on, I think it's fair to say that she did her wee then went back to the potty and then 'flushed' her toilet paper. But she has consistently gone to the potty after doing a wee and/or a poo both days now. We're not interested in trying to formalise it by getting her to always go on the potty or anything, we're sure she'll go when she's good and ready. But it's encouraging to see that she's interested and getting the hang of it.

Her latest look is this massive grin. It is SO cute! She grins like this at most things, especially since we've moved. Seems like she loves the new house almost as much as we do. When I even mention the cats she gives the grin, then holds her hands up to her mouth and shakes her head as if she is trying to give them the love there and then. I think it's safe to say she is her mother's daughter when it comes to all things feline.

She also loves her boobies. She keeps pointing to them and I'll say "Yes, your boobies Harriet" and she goes mental with excitement, then slaps a hand on mine and I'll say "Yes, my boobies" and that is just great apparently. Her latest activity of note is drawing. We've got quite a few washable textas that she loves to draw with - on her palm, on her leg, on the table...oh yes, and also on the paper occasionally. I forgot again to take a photo of her drawing, but will hopefully remember tomorrow.

Oh! I keep forgetting to mention this but it must be written for posterity - I won the 'mite wars! Harriet is now doomed to forever be a social pariah based on her love of Promite rather than Vegemite. Go the underdog!

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Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

Go the potty training! Must be flowing through the country right now for Angel told me just this morning that she had done 'ca-ca'. Sure enough she ran, got a new nappy and she had infact poo'd! This is very exciting indeed! I am also not actively toilet training but I am happy she has an interest in sitting on the toilet and is discovering what is coming out of her body :) .

Love the latest photos Cass and the first one I think she is the splitting image of you :) I think it might be the smile, I just could see you in that expression she has :) .