Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Harriet has just started to work out what her nose is for. Although there is still a bit of mouth confusion (see flower shots). But yesterday when I bought some mint for dinner she was so excited about smelling it that she kept asking for more, more mint!

She literally shoved her face right into the mint once she worked it out, but I managed to catch her eyes just peeking out above the bushel in this shot. Yesterday she was being cute with the other children at the Inner West AP meet at the pool. There was a nearly 12mth old baby there and she wanted to play the 'shake hands' game she learnt from Grandpa with her! So they played that a few times which Harry thought was great, and then Harriet wanted me to tickle her with the finger puppets that were on a book another child had there. So it was double the entertainment value - I was playing with the baby while Harriet was laughing at me playing with the baby. Cool!

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