Monday, January 08, 2007

Black and White Bonanza

The b&w is actually to hide the fact that my white balance was all off, I was using a high ISO and the grain is shocking. But oh well. I just had to post this pic of Haz *going off*. James is playing her harmonica and she decided to go totally metal. Can't you just feel the passion from Papa Jimbo in this shot? Never fear, musical integrity was kept up as Harriet then was jumping around to the Beastie Boys too. She still goes to sleep by dancing around to Love Will Tear Us Apart, The Killing Moon (which Lisa will be pleased about) and Fool's Gold. But we have had some success to dancing around to the first three songs from To The Five Boroughs as well, so she does have diversity. She doesn't enjoy the sweet, acoustic tracks as much as any hip hop that's going around. She loves hip hop! Unfortunately The Herd is a bit too mellow in the bpm department, but we're hoping that changes in the near future.

Now the big development in play for Harry lately is her obssession with the dolls! Now she isn't just happy with Doll2, but Gumby, Tubbs and Teddy (the one Nana Lee and Grandad gave er for her birthday) as well. Last night she decided they were best off being all lined up on the arm of the lounge. She then went through touching the head of each one and saying their name aloud (from L-R in the photo we have "Guh", "Doh", "Buh" and "Geh" (*ahem* urr..also known as Tubbs).

After the ceremonial nomenclature annointing is completed, Harriet likes to kiss them, hug them or just adjust their seating position whilst ensuring they are all comfortable. But woe betide the doll that wants to move because *blammo*, they are sent hurtling to the floor with one hand without even a backwards glance. She is so careful with them on the lounge and has very gentle movement, but once it's decided they're to be sent to the floor, DOWN THEY GO!

Her other favourite game is to send the dolls to sleep. I don't have a photo of this yet, but we go up to the second bed, pop the doll in question on the pillow, pull up the quilt and stroke their face whilst saying "Ssshhhh.....sssshhhh...". This is *hysterical*! Harriet just starts grinning like crazy and now has started wanting to go to 'sleep' herself. She puts her head down on the pillow and we have to stroke her head and make the appropriate noise. It is so cute when she approximates the "Ssshh" sound because it comes out something more akin to "Chhhh...Chhhh...".

And while we're on the topic of sleep games, Papa and Mama have to keep on their toes because at any minute we could be snapped into sleep ourselves! Harriet loves to do the sleep sign to us and we have to 'fall asleep' then and there, stopping whatever it is we're doing and closing our eyes. She then stops making the sign and we're allowed to 'wake up'. It's so much fun!

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Sif said...

Had a good laugh at your explanation for why that first photo is b/w, I did that exact same thing for the exact same reason on one of Bryn's yogurt shots, because of a white balance mistake, b/w covers up a multitude of sins!

Love the anecdote about lining the dolls up, very funny!