Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Busy Few Days!

Harriet's been a bit of a social butterfly these past few days. I've also gone a bit storyboard crazy as you can see by this one on the left. It's of Harry enjoying her Christmas present from Nana and Grandpa - her very own Hazza-sized chairs and table! She loves snuggling up on it and curling her feet up onto the seat.

Lately Harriet has been loving her Doll2 and Gumby (remember the ugly interim doll? Yep, that's her). She loves to have them act out clapping hands in time to the 'If You're Happy and You Know It' song, she also lines them up along with a couple of other soft toys and makes them hug and kiss each other.

We went down to the beach the other evening and went exploring in the rock pools. Harriet loved moving the little shell creatures from one pool to another, and splashing her feet in the water (but only after both Papa and I had taken off our shoes to show her we would do it as well).

We also went out to visit Ruby and her mum Nadia. Before we left, I showed Harry a photo of Ruby on the computer and explained that we were going to go to Ruby's house (and yes, I was singing 'Susan's House' by The Eels to myself as we went there). Harry *loved* this photo of Ruby and whenever the screensaver came on, would start crying and saying "Roo! Roo!".

We go to Ruby's place and there were a few ownership issues because Ruby had a new doll that Haz thought was the bee's knees. But I pulled out Harry's car with Little Dude in it and they began happily playing with eac other's toys on their own. Strange creatures these babies.

Then it's decided to venture on to Camperdown Park. Harry found out that there is another child who enjoys the bubbler just as much as she does - Ruby! They did pretty well at 'sharing' it for a while which was quite impressive. Harry's main focus though was making sure she could follow Ruby everywhere and anywhere she went. Unfortunately for me, Ruby runs and Harry doesn't! So she was grabbing my hand constantly and dragging me in Ruby's wake. Ruby loved it and seemed to delight in exploring places Harry couldn't get to easily, as if to test the love. But it all became a bit much - the sun, the short sleep earlier in the day, the excitement of seeing Ruby. And the walk home consisted of much screaming from an hysterical Harriet. Then, when I put her in the carseat, I jammed a fold of her belly in the clip for the seat and she just started wailing. As you would! So it took us quite a while to end up on our way, she was just so overtired and overwhelmed. But in good news she did fall asleep relatively early for her. Yay!

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Sif said...

You have been busy!!! LOVE the photos, I always do! Especially the rock pool one!