Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday we had an exciting visit from Nana! She came all the way down in the train and Harriet was more than just a little excited to see her. Infact all morning I had been asked to sing all the songs we sing that have names in them and insert Nana or Grandpa as directed. Often the directions would change mid-song so I often only managed to sing a few lines of each one.

Now the downside of having Harry so darn excited is that...well, she just peters out. Adrenalin can only last for so long and then boom crash, the flipside is revealed - zombie baby! On the way home from the train station I noticed that Harriet was being unusually quiet in the back of the car. Turning around I saw that she had a familiar, glassy look to her eye. Hmmm...

So I turned around from our original destination of the beach and made tracks for home and, more importantly, the bedroom. Turns out she *was* more than a little tired and proceeded to sleep for two hours (about half the time Nana had to spend with her!). Lesson for the future - don't tell Harriet Nana is coming until about an hour beforehand.

She finally woke up and we all scarfed down some lunch before racing to try and get the return train on time. Nana got out of the car to go and Harriet just threw the BIGGEST sad face! The bottom lip was quivering, her eyes were welling up with tears, and she was blubbering out a little "bye bye nana' that sounded very small indeed.

But luckily for us and unluckily for Nana, she missed her train! So all three of us got to spend some time together at the station drinking babycinos, playing games and waving goodbye to lots of trains going past. This time the goodbye was a little happier and Nan could leave without thinking Harriet's world had just collapsed. Thanks for a great afternoon Nana!

After we saw off Nana we went for a swim at Victoria Park Pool and decided to meet there with Papa after work. By the time we got home Harriet was exhausted but refused to stay asleep. She was very grumbly all night and I only got an hour or so sleep.

When we woke up this morning we soon realised why - she was (well, still is) sick. She had a fever, her nose was running and she was not a happy camper. In fact if I was at work it would have run something like this:
S: Irritable, mucopurulent nasal discharge
O: T:38.0, RR:unable to discern over squeals, HR:breaking them everywhere
A: URT viral infection
P: Stay home today, administer paracetamol as required for pyrexia

And, well, that's what I did. It was just a quiet day indoors for us. Papa came home and took this very cute shot of Harry telling us all what for.

Then I took this shot of Papa playing "Round and Round the Garden, like a Teddy Bear" with Harry. She loved it so much she kept asking for more over and over again and then asked Papa Jimbo to do it to himself over and over again (which elicited a few giggles as well).

She's down for sleep tonight but I'm not holding my breath for a long night's sleep. In fact it's a miracle I got through this post without being summoned in (shouldn't count my chickens just yet, should I?!).


Claire, Ola & Mia :o) said...

Hi guys! Long time. We're finally back to home sweet home after a hectic 5 weeks away, and god its good to be back! Just had a quick wizz through the posts and my oh my hasn't little Harry grown! I love the photos - especially the hand shot, I've been trying to get one like that but no success yet.

We're off to Liv's this afternoon for a catch up with her & Jodie!! Wish you guys were coming too ;O( Is the month in Perth still on the horizon?

Hugs & love xxx

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

It sounds like you had a lovely visit :) . ((((HUGS)))) for the sick Ms Harriet, I hope she is better soon for you guys and you are managing some sleep! (do you think that you can catch colds through the net? :p uncanny that our kids are all sick at the same time ;) lol)