Monday, December 18, 2006

Bathrooms, Boobs, Buddies

Well we officially have the ugliest bathroom in Sydney. That green does no-one any favours! But I wanted to get a shot of it before we moved so I took this photo of Miss Harry eating her fish in the bath. She loves to grab these fish, get me to fill them up with water and then suck the water out as it jets towards the back of her throat.

The other day we went to a meet for the Inner West AP group and it was great to meet other lovely mums and Harry met some other babies too which of course she loves. One of those was Jack, who is nearly two and who Harriet kept following around like a love sick puppy. At one stage she was standing on the other side of an A-frame board and was screaming at me "Buh! Buh!". I kind of let it slide for a while, just thinking she was saying Baby, but then realised how insistent she was becoming. I walked over to where she was standing and there were all these little Harriet-sized fingerprints over the 'B' in 'Big Breakfast' and she was telling me she could see a 'B'. She loves Bs and rs and now also es.

Harry has been sucking up the Bonjela like crazy lately. This week has been pretty hard going on Mama, lots of long nights of constant feeding, difficult to put down at night and grumbly during the day. But we think we're coming out the other side now. Poor Harry was only ever really happy when she had the Bonjela tube to bite down on.

On Sunday morning we walked up for breakfast and afterwards went to the cycle shop to buy an early Christmas present in the shape of a tricycle! Harry loves it, but keeps dragging her feet on the ground, causing her shoes to scuff and the trike to drag. We keep telling her to put her feet on the pedals or on the little footrest but she's just not interested. I think the footrest is actually too high for her so it's not very comfortable and the pedals still go around (even though she's not pedalling or steering) so it's a bit disconcerting. Still, it's a bugger to push when she's letting the feet get in the way. We got what is apparently the 'boy' trike. Man you should have seen the girl trike. It was like someone had eaten a fairy and then brought it back up over some old bicycle pieces. Yuck! And not very Harriet. I don't think, for example, that the black skull pork pie hat would have looked in line with the pink bike style.

After our tricycle purchase it was time to make a belated dash to Erik the Viking's first birthday party. We were only 24hrs late. Yep! I got the day wrong and consequently we didn't make the party at all. But we did get out to see him on Sunday and the little man had a crazy amount of fun stuff for Harry to enjoy. A sandpit! And a ball pool! Here Harriet is feeling like Mama just after she gave birth - "What on earth are these things sticking out of my chest?!". I think she's about a DD cup here.

But of course no toy can rival another child's water bottle in Harriet's eyes. She's actually trying to give it to Erik to drink from here. She was holding it up for him to suck on but Erik was a little unsure of himself with only one hand free so quite a bit of water went on the floor. But gee she loves other children's water bottles.

Also we have our gallery from the Jinky shoot! If you want to have a peek, look here . But be quick, it's only up for another week or so!


Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

EEW..ok now I am seeing what you meant about the bath! LOL.

I LOL also at your description of the fairy puked on bike! Although if you look carefully at the Adventurors blog after Chrissie you may find Little Miss A riding one! LOL. But lets face it, she is making a living off being an extremely girly tomboy! Where she gets that gene from i have no idea, yet she spend her days making bottle bags into handbags, holding clothes up to her in admiration and pulling dresses out to wear! So the fairy glitter, basket and tuffles of pink suit her to a tee ;) (as she will no doubt be doing monos down the road on it with her pretty dress flying around her head! :p)

EzmaeWatson said...

The pics are great.
The illustrations are lovely jubbely (apologies to nerds if jubbley is incorrectly spelt)