Thursday, December 14, 2006


So as has been evident, we had a photo session with Barb from Jinky Art last weekend. Poor Harriet was very grumbly, not at all sure of what was going on and I don't think she smiled once the whole shoot. I was SO upset, I had really been looking forward to getting some memorable shots of her big grin in Barb's gorgeous style but it was not to be. We'll be getting some more shots done next year or so anyway I suspect.

As you can see, we got a little desperate for props and the backyard was strewn with her toys. The other unfortunate situation with our house is that the inside is too dark for natural light photography and the backyard is way too bright and harsh. So we were squashed in to about three very small shaded sections of an otherwise huge backyard for the shoot.

Afterwards we were STARVING! We didn't have any food until about 12.30pm. Poor Harriet was no doubt grumpy because she was falling into a hypoglycaemic coma. After we grabbed a delicious breakfast near Centennial Park, we organised our wares to meet up with Christy and Jemima down at the park for a CHristmas picnic. However after much searching and scouring we couldn't find them and ended up just having our own little picnic. Twas much fun anyway and we even met a boy named Guthrie (*love* that name) who Harry hugged and gave a kiss to. She's not shy is this one. I love this dress we got for her to wear in the shoot, it has cowgirls all over it and suits her to the ground.

Speaking of funky clothing, my EB Secret Santa arrived the very next day and it was from the ever-gorgeous Andi over in the US. And look at how great it is! Some spunky burnt orange cord pants (with an uber cute ruffle at the top you can't see here) and this stripy top that just screams Harriet all over plus a farmyard puzzle. The puzzle unfortunately has a rooster on now I am singing out "Cock-a-doodle-do" ten times an hour as Harriet points to it over and over again and laughs each time I sing it out (which makes it all worth it of course).

Another shot of her doing the 'more singing' sign, just in case you thought I was lying previously when I said she does it all the time. Her other favourite game lately is to play with the magnetic alphabet on the fridge. Seriously, she knows the lower case 'r' and picks it up, shows me and says "rrrrr", then puts it back. She can even recognise it (and the letter 'B') in books and in the newspaper. Oh and tonight whilst Papa was out getting drunk at his work Christmas party, we went out for dinner at Newtown where Harriet said "cake". Didn't know quite what they were, but when she had her nose pressed against the fridge window I said "They're called cakes" and she turned to me and said "Cuk?". So cute!

At the moment we're desperately hoping that her teething settles down soon, because her sleeping (which had been SO awesome, she had finally been sleeping through the night) is all disrupted. She refuses to allow herself to go to sleep! She'll try to rouse herself awake and we can onlyget her down if she is so exhausted there is no chance of her mind fighting back the body. I think she just wants to sign for some more singing.

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