Friday, December 22, 2006

So I Don't Forget...

Here are some things Harriet is doing lately that are very, very cute:

* Walking around with both hands neatly clasped behind her back as if she's a sea captain surveying her crew

* When she feeds Doll2, she smacks her lips together as if the Doll is actually eating it

*When I come out of the shower, she has to put deodorant on as well. I keep the lid on and she rubs it 'under her arms' which apparently means all over her torso

* She also has to have some of my moisturiser. I say "Hand out" and she presents her palm to me. I then place the tiniest scrape of moisturiser on there and she rubs it over her face/arms/legs /whatever it is I'm currently moisturising

* She will not draw with textas. She will, however, eat a texta. She has eaten the tops off about three textas now, and I just have to admit defeat for the time being. Pens apparently don't taste so good, so she'll draw with them, no problem

* The best thing to do with the trike is not to ride on it, but to practise getting on and off the seat on her own. Then to put Doll on the seat and practise doing the buckle up again and again

* She is no longer content just watching me blow bubbles (although that still is great fun). She is desperate to have a go herself and the only thing actually stopping her is that she puts her fingers through the mixture-sodden hole in order to get a better grip on it before blowing. So I think she'll be blowing bubbles in no time

* The Play School cd from the library has a song on it called 'Wiggly Woo'. This song is now permanently imprinted on my mind. Harriet loves it and after only hearing it once or twice, starting to do the actions herself at the right point in the song. Some are a bit complicated like "tapping your toes on the ground" (Harry kind of lifts her foot out at an angle and back) and "kicking high like dancers do" (she will hold on to the coffee table and throw a leg right out), but her approximations get the job done well enough

* Grabbing my hand and placing it on the item that she wants me to interact with. Unfortunately when we're out this often means that she wants me to touch (ie: give her) an item that isn't actually ours to play with (eg: balloons that belong to other children and which I don't want to touch anyway)

* Actually signing 'more' rather than just 'more singing' for things like food she loves

* Chewing on cucumbers whilst we're out in the supermarket, whilst we watch other children snacking on chocolate

* Giggling hysterically (actually it was more like big, hoarse belly laughs) when Papa puts the red cup on her head in the bathrom and then whips it off again. For some reason, this is hilarious

* Staring as Papa walks further and further away from us in the city after meeting up for lunch. She started saying "Papa! Papa!" , then more quietly "Papa?", then "Bye bye Papa", before sinking her head sadly on my shoulder as he walked out of view

* Placing food in very carefully organised piles that make no sense to anyone else, but are deliberately executed creations. However once hunger kicks in, well, the creations get forgotten and hunger pangs become fulfilled. This was cutest the other day at Wagamamas in the city where she piled noodles on the window sill whilst scoffing down soya beans like there was no tomorrow

And why am I writing this list? Because it just took over an hour to get her to sleep because she's so overtired from having Papa here all day. When this girl gets excited, man, she can gather up energy reserves like no other and stay awake against all sane expectations. Man, she rocks. And goddamn but I love her. I feel so sorry for people who want to have little people and can't, cos if Harry is anything to go by, they really and truly make your days shine. That is all.

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Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

I love this post! it is such a good idea to list all the things that she is doing. But I also loved your last paragraph!

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day without stopping and realising just how wonderful these little people are and how incredibly lucky we are to have them!

Oh and what a wonderful bond Harry must have with her Dad to react that way when he walks away...precious!