Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Using Your Noodle

I don't know WHAT you are talking about! As if I would still be up at 12am playing around with photos of Harriet when I still have lots of important emails to write (sorry Jennie!). But there you have it. I am. And as if you wouldn't be either, if you had these cute shots to play with. Harry was about to receive some pasta for lunch (wholemeal of course) when she spied these noodles sitting in the fridge. She'd had them last week in a stirfry and she was pretty excited about seeing them again. Waiting 40 seconds for them to warm up in the microwave was just forty seconds too long as well.

I'm just SO upset that my camera was still set at 1600ISO. In fact when I realised it I felt sick to the pit of my stomach (serves me right for being lazy in AV mode I guess). However I'm sure I'll get over it (someday).

As with all great experiences, you need to share it to truly experience it. Here Doll2 is on the receiving end of some noodle fun.

And yes, those are grazes on her knuckles. She fell down on the pavement on the weekend and got quite a deep one on her ring finger poor poppet.


EzmaeWatson said...

Hey i'm up reading it. Ah the quiet hour. Eman is still in non daylight saving time, ie partying at 9:45pm, enough to turn any sane woman to drink.

Sif said...

Those photos are FAB - geez, you're getting good! I really need to put some more effort in, I've done nearly nothing about learning how to use the manual settings...

casso said...

Ezmae - we have a late nighter here too. It's loads of fun but at the same time, eating dinner every night at 8.30pm gets a little tiring. And I have also got a bottle of wine. Mmmmm

Sif - Thanks! Best thing I did was just let myself take lots and lots of photos to work it all out. Plus having Photoshop helps with making things brighter and getting more contrast, etc.