Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gimme Some Kind of Sign

So here's Harriet doing her sign for 'more singing'. She'll sign this to us at least, oohh... about thirty times a day. I am NOT joking. Believe me, I wish I was. If you start to sing the wrong song, she will sto you with a serious shake of thehead and a "No, no". Woe betide the singer who fails to hear her call to stop, for you will be shouted down!

The other afternoon she had an apple and we went outside. No problem there, right? Have you even been READING this blog? Harriet, of course, found a patch of dirt. She made sure she had her apple securely in hand and then rubbed one cut face of the apple in the dirt for a nice, long period. You can see she was pretty happy with herself for doing it too. What a peach! Then she proceeded to carefully turn the apple until the dirt side was facing her and take a huge bite. Mmmm... she didn't seem to flinch even as I could hear her gritting away on the dirt.

Look at that smile! She was busy enjoying the apple and I started to sing for her and she got the grins. See the dirt around her lips? Yep, from the apple. But the weird thing is that it didn't seem to deter her one bit. She would have eaten the whole thing if I'd left her to it. Luckily she also finds washing her hands (and therefore apples) another fascinating activity. Today I started getting the 'wash hands' sign which she has made up. She just loves to do anything related to water at the moment.

Oh and just because I love the noodle photos, here are a couple more. I love her big eyes in this shot.

This one looks like it's been airbrushed or something! Wasn't meant to look like that, but ther eyou go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cass, I LOVE the "big eyes" shot, the back of the chair looks a bit like angel wings :-) Cheers, Julie.

Sif said...

Ah, hehehe, love the dirt apple story! Obviously she's getting "something" out of eating the dirt, LOL! Good thing she likes washing her hands :D!

So, you're following her cues on the signs? Us too, we don't have many, but I'm noticing more and more lately...

Oh and what book did you get published? 'scuse me if I've completely missed something you posted about that elsewhere, LOL, I can be a bit vague!

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable child!!! =)