Saturday, December 09, 2006

What a Peach...Literally!

It started out with a tub of yoghurt...and progressed to the peach as well. Harriet had an absolute ball as you can see!

I just realised that a lot of her photos lately are with food, but unfortunately it's getting harder and harder for me to take photos of her when she's just playing, because she stops whatever it is she's doing, runs towards me and grabs the camera with cries of "Baby! Baby!" to see the photos of her on the little screen. *sigh* I should never have shown her that screen!

But butter (or yoghurt wouldn't melt in this mouth, yeah?

I can tell you that the work required to get all that yoghurt off her hands and face was made a lot easier by doing it to Doll2 first. Harry was then like "Ok, if Doll2 gets it, I want it as well".

Her latest game is to get the old shampoo bottle and 'wash' Doll2's hair. Then her own hair. Then, if I ask nicely, my hair. I can't believe I didn't think to give her the old bottles before this, what a silly Mama! Well, live and learn I guess.
The first time she ate a peach I, unfortunately, didn't have my camera on me. But she has learnt to love peaches with such a passion that I have to be quick to snap her eating them, for they are gone in a flash!

And it must be a 'thing' for this age, because Harriet needs to make sure that if she opens something, it is closed behind her. Just as if something is opened, it must have its lid replaced. This signified the end of the yoghurt experience for the day.

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