Sunday, December 03, 2006

Phone Phun

Well I just bothered to work out how to hook my phone up to the computer Turns out it wasn't too easy at all because there were no correct drivers and the Setup Wizard went psycho. So James stepped in to save the day. By doing so he allowed you all to see this video taken mere minutes after Harriet said her first 'yes' by nodding. We were on our way to the shops after being at the pool and I asked her about going to the playground. I just happened to turn around and there she was nodding! As soon as we got to the carpark I whipped out the phone to take video of her doing it before she stopped. Sure enough she then didn't nod for a few days, and James only believed me because I had this video to show for it. Sorry for it being on its side, I only just found out you can't turn them around. Bummer.

This is the first photo I took with my new phone. It's better than the photos we took with our old Olympus!

Then this video demonstrates her latest love of the stereo. In prime position, up there on the chair, Harry loves to take control and go volume crazy.

Last weekend we went up to Randwick PS for their Book Fair. I cannot emphasise enough just what a bonanza PS events are for the ffamily with a first-time toddler. They're full of things primary school children have outgrown and usually that's just what your toddler is in to. On this occasion we scored about 30 books for $28, including some adult texts as well. Here is Harriet sitting amongst her bounty at the school. We thought it quite amusing that the librarian was walking aroun to people trying to do the hard sell on the books - ummm, hello, we're standing here with three green bags *groaning* under the weight of them all. I think we're buying all that we can! So Harriet's library has now tripled in size overnight.

We went to the parent and child toilet in a major shopping centre a couple of weeks ago and Harriet was transfixed by the toilet paper. But what was amusing from ym point of view was that she knew just what to do with it! She would roll out some, scrunch it up and throw it into the little kiddie toilet.

Speaking of shopping centres, here's Harriet just after having experienced multiculturalism in practice - she was hanging around semingly entranced by a young Indian girl eating a sushi roll. We thought she was in love with the girl, but no - she wanted the sushi!

And finally another video. In the past three days I've noticed that she loves to pick up and 'read' books that have no pictures/photos/images. She picks up the book, gets comfortable in her seat of choice and then proceeds to read the book. You can see her doing it in this video but it's a bit long, sorry. Will have to work out the video editing stuff in my phone now. *sigh* When will technology end?


Nana and Grandpa said...

Welcome back to the blogspot....we missed reading about the exploits of our little girlfriend....were having withdrawal symptoms! (Can't get the videos though!) Congratulations on the house....guess you won't miss traipsing around to 'open houses' on weekends!

EzmaeWatson said...

i get the video's but no sound...