Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just for KJ

So sorry that this one was too late for you Kristy!
I'm hoping it brings a smile to your face but that you don't need it because work is going along smoothly.

These photos were taken last weekend (eep, yes, I know I'm very, very behind in my blog, I haven't even kept up with replying and reading my friends' blogs either - hopeless). Lisa came over to say hi and ended up spending a lovely lazy, unplanned, hanging around kind of Sunday with the three of us, much to Harriet's delight.

Harriet is going through a phase of giving some of whatever she's eating to you before (sometimes during....*eew*) she has a crack at it herself. But after a few attempts, she has wised up to these grown-ups who just pretend to nibble. Now she insists on opening your mouth while you're eating her offering. Woe betide those who don't have somethng in there to show for all that 'chewing'!
Here she's demonstrating to Lisa - "Just go like this - AAHHH!" and then she is happy and will go on with eating her own food again. Crazy baby.

Her hair at the moment is so cute, she has this mass of fine curls all along the back of her head and some big ones flinging out from the side. They're just curls from having fine hair grow out I suspect, not actually curls here to stay, so I have snaped a few photos of them from the back to remember them by.

As always, most things end in a giggle. The last couple of days though she has had her final baby molar coming through which has been a bit of a nightmare. Restless sleep again and a not happy chappy in the days. It should break through the gum in the next week and then yippee - no more molars until her 2yr ones come through. I can't wait for al of that tooth free time!

One of the big bonuses from the last week has been the discovery of the small park around the corner from our house. It has a slide and a swing - both of which are Harry's FAVOURITE things to do. It can get a little difficult to pursuade her to share the slide, when all she wants to do is go striding up it. The other night when she was having a brain explosion (that's what we call it when, about every 8wks or so she has two really late nights in a row which coincides with her learning some new skill - this one was speech), we went to a park up in Randwick, where she was able to gorge herself on solo slide time because it was 9pm. Not too many other children around to hog it - sure, we had to elbow the odd hobo out of the way but they giggled and laughed as Harriet came flying down and striding back up that slide. Over and over and over and over...

And I don't think I've mentioned just how much I LOVE this jacket that Brooke and Rebecca got her for her birthday. It's something crazy like a size 3 but these girls know about Harry and her height, which was a good call. She fits into it now but it will still be good for next autumn as well. It really brings out the blue of her eyes, it's a gorgeous jacket. Apparently they have a grown-ups version of the exact same jacket!

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kristy said...

thank you cass :) harriets blog brings a smile to my face even though it's monday and the start of another working week