Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Roll up, Roll up - See the Elephant!

Cute baby alert! Finally, here is the photo of her doing the elephant sign and finding her bellybutton at the pool on Sunday. I put in here the first shot of her finding her bellybutton (complete with raspberry) and then when she included the elephant sign. The 'elephant' involves throwing one arm up in the air and making a trumpeting noise at the same time.

Today when we were out with friends they were delighted at her doing signs, I guess it is a novelty when you haven't seen it before.

On Saturday afternoon Harriet was in attendance at Ian's Halloween party (which apparently hit sentience at 10pm and engulfed many individuals in its path, including poor Scott boy). She arrived as a Stunt Princess but her "I do all my own stunts" tshirt had to be covered up because it was unseasonably freezing. She's looking a little bewildered because she fell asleep in the car and we drove around for 20mins (sorry carbon footprint) to give her a bit of a sleep before arriving at the party.

You can see that she soon got into the swing of things, lounging back on chairs and not being able to keep herself in full attire (something that happened quite a bit later on in the night apparently).

And yesterday in the afternoon I thought I'd feed Harriet some yoghurt, berries and WeetBix. She *loved* it. And as with all thing sin Harriet's life, anything experienced by her had to be experienced by Doll. And as Doll would have it, Harriet's hand feeding method leaves a lot to be desired. Let's just say that Doll, the hot water tap and various machinations of bubbles all met shortly after this photo was taken. Those WeetBix can dry like concrete!

Also, please don't forget to ask us any questions about Unconditional Parenting in the previous post.


kristy said...

having a very bad vet work day, please give me a funny harriet story and make me laugh!

casso said...

Sorry KJ! Will do up a new post tonight, but hope your bad day turned out ok.

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