Sunday, November 12, 2006

Most Awesomest Baby Peach

When we went out for lunch with Lisa last weekend, Harriet took us all into a children's clothes store in Clovelly. After walking around holding one of the store signs aloft (come on people, it had a photo of a baby on it), she finally agreed to put it down long enough to pick out this hat. Now I don't know if it has been written of in here yet, but this girl will NOT wear a hat! Those of you who know me irl will know just how stressed I am about sun safety, and you can imagine it freaks me out no end that this girl will not cover up. Grrr... But we have found the solution. Turns out I was buying the wrong type of hat - silly Mama! I bought her this very pretty, floral hat with a wide brim when in actual fact what she wanted was in this Clovelly store; a fedora cross pork pie hat with a band around it that has black skulls on a black background. Everyone saw "awww...". But she loves this hat! It is so cute. Will have to post anothe rshot I have of her in it, naked, with only the hat on and a stethescope around her neck.

Along with the park around the corner, Harry loves to play at the playground down at Clovelly Beach (as well as at the beach itself). The other night it was quite warm so the three of us went down there to eat dinner on the grass. Jimbo played with the Wiggles ball with Harry and she just loved it - ignores their music but loves their merchandise. Go figure. You can see that she also enjoyed having a taste of the beetroot in our burgers as well. Her gaze is being directed with adoring focus on Papa Jimbo in this photo - I think he was spinning the 'binoculars' around that are affixed to the play equipment.

Some developmental news on Harry - hmmm, what's she up to? Well she has been talking an awful lot the past few days. She said 'giraffe' this morning and even Grandpa agreed that she said it (and he doesn't believe that she's doing anything until it's happened three times in front of him!) so that gives it the stamp of certainty. She's also saying 'brella' for umbrella, and has an incredible love of 'Incy Wincy Spider' - she actually does a really good baby approximation of the actions for this song as well, I was quite impressed! The only issue is that...well....she doesn't stop wanting to hear it! She has a sign for it that she has made up, where she touches her index finger to her opposite thumb, just like the first action of the song. Once you've sung it once, prepare to then be met with a demand for 'meh, meh' ("More, More!"), accompanied by her sign for more.

When Nana came over on Friday, we went to the little park nearby again and Harriet managed her own solo slide! Twas pretty cool, she needs to be reminded to sit down at the top, because otherwise she starts to launch herself from the precipice, but when she is sitting, she then pushed herself off from the side and sat upright all the way down. She was pretty darn pleased with herself you can bet.

Harriet also had a grandparents day on Saturday whilst Mama and Papa endured a day of house hunting (*groan*). Apparently she had a grand ole time - check out this toothy grin would you?! You can see she's getting a bit of chub on her (finally) after just expending all of her energy on growing up, she now is getting quite a little belly on her which is very nice to see. Her size 2 shorts, which always fell down because she was too skinny, finally fit properly around her waist today so I think that means she may be in proportion rather than being pure beanpole.

That video from Centennial Park is courtesy of Nana and Grandpa's camera. It has inspired me to start taking more video - she's too cute not to!

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