Saturday, October 07, 2006

Princess Herbivore and the Great Colander Experiment

Sometimes it can be difficult to think up titles for these posts. "Hmmm...another five photos of Hazza grinning, nothing really exciting happened, what to call THIS then?". But today's title really wrote itself with this set of photos. This morning Harriet wanted to play inside the toybox. Only problem with this is that the toybox lid has a nasty habit of slamming down unexpectedly, so a responsible parental type is required to sit and hold the lid up. Kind of dampens the interactivity and therefore enjoyment of the parent but hey, Harriet's happy and it's her play time!

In this case Harriet found a tiara that Mellissa' s daughter Maddy left behind one wet and rainy morning a few months back. It was apparently a big hit with Max as well and now Harriet emerges to continue the line of appreciation. Yep, it says 'Princess' in pink sparkly letters across the top. She thinks it's pretty funny when Mama and Papa wear it too.

What's inside this then? Harry is fascinated by the colander. Due to the limited space we have in our kitchen, the colander hangs on a hook above the kitchen window. Every now and then Harry will become fixated on it and want us to get it down for her to explore. Well this morning exploration of the colander began from the inside out.

Tofu, Icecream and Liz Hurley. What do these three things have in common? Harriet!

It was a truly gorgeous day today, but in the afternoon the wind picked up a little. We had planned on getting some tofu burgers and eating them down at Clovelly Beach, but decided to abort that once we got out and realised it was Sydney to Hobart wind weather. Whilst waiting for the burgers however, Harry became fixated (read: fell in love with) this tall, free standing sign of Liz Hurley seductively licking an icecream. Harriet couldn't get enough of her! She kept walking from one side, grinning wildly, then running to the other side and grinning wildly. Never really thought Liz Hurley had that much to offer, but hey, maybe it was just the Magnums Harry was interested in.

Finally, here's Harriet enjoying the pool with Papa. We went there to splash about in the newly opened-for-summer toddler wading pool that has a shade sail over it and things, but it was still a bit brisk with the wind. So we went back inside, where we met a boy two week solder than Harriet called James who was expecting a sibling in just TWO WEEKS!!!! *shock* Yes, in two weeks. I'm still shuddering in horror.


Anonymous said...

the 3rd photo down is a stunning photo of harriet, she is just gorgeous. brilliant photography as well of course :) love kristy

Sif said...

Ah, I love your blog entries, all the smiley photos of Harry... You know how they say smiles are contagious, well I come here for my smile "hit", so Harry is spreading smiles around Australia, hahahaha!

Liz Hurley has never done anything for me either, it must have been the Magnums - mmmmmmm Magnum!

casso said...

Kristy - I love that shot too! She was just standing in the right spot so that I only got blue wall behind her, bonus. Oh and maybe Thurs? Have a date with an aeroplane on Fri night.

Sif - She really does give out massive smiles. Like that one of Bryn with his huge gummy teeth grin and the corn - I LOVE that one of him! :o) And agreed on Liz Hurley - she doesn't have any boobs. If we have to like English women, go for Kate Winslet!

EzmaeWatson said...

what about hugh? there is something about that man that i, ezmae likes.
maybe harriet likes liz because she likes hugh, wasn't she going to be a hugh if she wasn't a hazza??

Jimbo said...

No way was Hazza going to be called "Hugh".

If she had been a boy his name would have been "Joe Strummer Surname".

Claire & Mia ;o) said...

Hi there, sorry Ive been missing in action for a while. It is a relief to hear that Hazza is back to her normal self - the world was a lot quieter place without her normal vibrance, and I say that from all the way over in Perth.
Teething - a never ending story. Ive given up trying to look in Mias mouth recently
Big News - Mias is walking and oh so confidently. She only started a week ago and already she is trying to run!!!!
Hugs to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose Joe Strummer does sound better than John Farnsey surname.

casso said...

Saying something that upsets Jimbo? Sorry, you have to have your comment deleted.