Friday, October 06, 2006

Play Abouts

This has been the week for playing! Harriet has been in fine form during the day and it's been great fun watching her start to do some new types of play. Her latest favourite is anything to do with Doll.

When Harriet goes for a bath, Doll has to come in too. When Harriet has some food, Doll has to have some too. When it's time to have her nappy changed, Harriet will make sure she rubs the new nappy over Doll first so that she 'has one on' too.

Harry also is really conveying just how much she understands. She's responding to nearly every instruction and even performs self regulation! Not that we want her to particularly, but because she was starting to seriously damage some of the cds in 'CD Pull-Down - Game of the Century', we told her once when she went to reach for them "No, Harriet". She immediately looked up, shocked! (We don't say no very often - see our UP link in the right hand side). Now when she walks towards the cd cabinet she reaches out for them, then draws her hand back, saying to herself, "No" and shaking her head!! I also have ben telling her the cat food is "not for babies, but ok for cats". This is because I had been telling her "No cat food, Harriet" - then I realised she had started to pull Squeezmo away from the cat food when he was eating it, saying "No" and shaking her head solemnly at him!

We have been making use of this gorgeous weather and headed out to Centennial Park for a play the other day. Harry decided that the slide was heaps of fun, but walking up it was just as much, if not more fun, than the sliding down part of it. It was quite an effort to convince her to move out of the way to watch the older children sliding down from the sidelines rather than directly underneath, but she gave it a go eventually. We also ran into Yorro, a baby that we met at Isabella's party a couple of months ago, which was a lovely surprise.

Hmmm..what else has been going on? We have been playing a LOT of Peek-a-boo. Harriet loves to play it with her blanket as soon as she wakes up. She also loves it if you pretend you can't see her if she's 'hiding' (ie: crouching behind a chair). She then slowly stands up and you have to jump a little, act surprised and she just collapses in giggles and starts it all over again.

Today we went for a playdate to visit Max and Nell. It was total sensory overload for Harry who had fallen asleep in the car on the way there so took a while to warm up to the vivacity of Max! I took some photos of them, we had some food, we played in Max's cubby where we hid from the monster (and had to be very quiet), Harriet played with the stroller, it was all good stuff.

Oh and yesterday we went through an ordeal trying to get her handprint for the teatowel fundraiser at Playgroup. We finally got it (kinda, sorta) after about four attempts of placing her half-curled hand onto the paper. After having been coaxing her for ages to extend her fingers, the classic moment was when we took the paper away - as soon as the paper was gone she slammed her fully painted hand down onto the chair and made a perfect handprint! It was pretty funny. But we'll have to make do with the three-fingered print we got for the teatowel.

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