Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Long Weekend Fun

Harriet had her Nana and Grandpa down this weekend and she couldn't get enough of her Nana yet again. Here they are exchanging grins while we were out at a cafe in Clovelly. There was another little boy there, Charlie, who was just about as opposite to Harriet as you could get! He sat quietly in his highchair for the whole meal, had food fed to him on a spoon, barely said a peep the whole breakfast. Meanwhile Harriet was running around everywhere on the footpath, was being swooped up and down by her Papa, babbling constantly, strautting around with various toys, walking up to Charlie's highchair and trying to take his food. Priceless! As James said, Charlie's parents were probably thinking "Oh my god, that child is so much work!" and we were thinking "My god, that child is so boring!" (in the nicest possible way of course). Definitely takes all types to make a world.

On Sunday we went out for some clothes shopping. On the way though we realised that Miss Harriet had fallen asleep in the back seat - she hasn't done that for AGES! So we went for a drive around the area of a potential house we saw to buy on Saturday. We are just so used to her keeping herself up that we didn't even think she'd fall asleep like that anymore. Having Nana and Grandpa stay really was just so exciting that day sleeps were for chumps. Made car sleeps a lot more appealing I guess.

Harriet decided to help Mama out with shopping for her clothes in Newtown. Although things started out well, with her holding my skirt for me (and yes, I did get that one she has in the photo, as well as the awesome green one behind her), by the time I was ready to try things on she was getting pretty tired and upset, so she came into the changeroom with me and did some dress ups of her own. Not even mirror baby could distract her - she was definitely tired, since we had to wake her after about 40mins in the car when she could have done with much more.

Yesterday we did the drive out to Ikea. It's so annoying they closed down the one in Moore Park! But Harry just loves an outing and as soon as we got into the shopping centre she was grinning like a maniac and running everywhere! It was hilarious. We took her down to the children's play area where she was starting to show interest in climbing up the big foam adventure playground part, but she still ended up doing her favourite activity - banging the little seat like a crazy drummer girl. Go Crazy Harry!

This is her usual style when out shopping - running and smiling.

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