Friday, September 29, 2006

Welcome to the Weekend

This is absolutely the saddest photo I could take of Harriet today. And even then it was only because she was watching Squeezmo intently over my shoulder and snuggling up to her jumper in the other hand.

Mostly today she was an absolute cracker box full of energy. Feeding Doll her lunch, pulling flowers out of the ground, running after Squeezmo (who actually seems to enjoy it!). It was great to see her back to her usual antics. Thanks so much for everyone's comments and support, it's so nice and warm and fuzzy to log in and see all those comments!
I post this one merely to show those upper molars. I told you they were big 'uns! She's getting a face tickle here from Grandpa while we were at the woodfired pizza place tonight for dinner. Harriet enjoyed some avocado and pizza crust. mmmmm

And didn't I tell you that everything is better upside down?! We had to take it in turns (grandparents included) in taking her for a walk or throwing her upside down. The restaurant is a bit of a fave for a few reasons. One is the group of very sweet, very camp waitstaff that dote on Harriet, another is the great food and finally of course, the wonderful 80s soundtrack. We had Electric Dreams, Gold (Spandau Ballet) and others whilst we dined. What more can you ask for?

And these are just some shots from today because she's gorgeous and deserves to have some cute shots of her up and on display. She's so much fun when she's well! Who thought playing with a baby all day could be this much fun?

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Sif said...

Blogger isn't updating and I nearly missed these cute photos :( - but I didn't :D!!! What a cutie she is, even when she's not grinning, and what big teeth you have, Harriet!!!