Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back to (Harry's Kind of) Normal

Yay - the smiles are back! Thank you everyone for your sms, email and comment concerns. It was pretty hairy there for a while, Harriet was not her usual self at all and we realised just how full of beans and smiles she actually is.

After the hospital visit we kept close to home so as not to infect other kidlet types in the wide world. Well that drove me mad, let alone Harry. Poor mite was feeling not up to much anyway. She had a very mild rash on the back of her neck and on Sunday didn't want to walk, as if the soles of her feet were sore. This was no surprise since that's where blisters can come up, so we just carried her everywhere. On Monday she woke up and was just really wan - very strange for her! Yesterday she was a bit better and actually ate a couple of bites of bread. Her first food in over 36hrs at least, so we were happy with that.

Today she had a wicked phlegm-filled cough and runny nose but was actually in the best spirits since she first fell ill. So all in all it's been about a week of upset. She's definitely getting evern *more* teeth as well. There are 20 teeth in their baby set and Harriet currently has 10 broken through, an eleventh just about broken and I now think that #12 is making its presence known. Both of the doctors who looked in her mouth said that she had a couple more teeth coming up so I'm bracing for a rusk-heavy couple of weeks.

I popped her in a bucket today as you do. She loved it in there! Was tempted to just pop a lid on and see how long it took her to notice but then I remembered that I love her millions and she rules and is a peach so I didn't. But she played in there for ages, throwing a ball around, standing up, squatting down, all kinds of shenanigans.

This morning we knew spirits were up because she wanted to look through photos of herself. As you probably know, this is a shared favourite pasttime between myself and Harry, so I totally understand. I have even got a pile of photos just for Harriet of Harriet. Self adulation goes a long way when you have a photo-crazed Mama around.

And in other news, this is a photo of Harriet from Saturday when she was really quite ill. See all that staining on her tshirt? SALIVA! Seriously, she was hypersalivating constantly, and here I was thinking it was just teething, what a chump.

Well the story behind this story is that we get this castle from the toy library and have had it out about four times now. Harriet LOVES this thing, it's her own little play area. She loves to check out if there's mail in the mailbox, she'll put stuff in the three little holes that are behind her in this shot, she loves to spin the birds (out of view), etc. Anyway, I knew there was a secondhand toy store on Anzac Pde (you can see where this story is heading). I was absolutely adamant that we go there on Saturday to see if they had a castle (they aren't made by Little Tikes anymore, I looked it up). I just had this really strong gut feeling that we would find one there. We rock up and...TA DA! There it is! They even had the mysterious three vegetables that go into the three holes (I had always wondered what was *actually* supposed to go in there). James dismissed my toy radar, but I was mightily impressed that my sixth sense is tuning in to premoulded plastic for children. What skill.

So yes, Harriet is on the mend (but teething, as always). She is also a mad talker now - saying "No", "Baby" and "Bye bye" completely rather than just baby-talk. She also says "Mama", "Beh" (for Papa), "Ana" (for Nana), "Bee" (for light?!), "Dut" (for duck) and I'm sure lots of others that I can't think of right now.


Nana and Grandpa said...

Glad to hear that our little sweetheart is on the mend and look forward to lots of hugs on the weekend.

jodes said...

We are glad to hear hazza is on the mend, those teeth are something else, good luck with those. I think she has been in a constant state of teething since we all first met...LOL. Hope you too are getting some sleep now.

mum8 said...

Glad to hear Harriet's almost back to her old self - I've been thinking of you all.

Michelle Scholz said...

I bet is lovely to get old Harriet back, its a real struggle when they're sick. Love your baby castle, we borrowed one from toy library to. Ruby was also obsessed with the letterbox. We had it for so long we got a fine, it was definately a favourite, at he moment we have a red tunnel, gotta love the toy library.

Jen - Faithful Servant of the Adventurous Duo! said...

YEH! so good to see those gorgeous smiles :) . Excellent that she is on the mend. And I am mightly impressed by your toy radar Cass! That is a favourite toy of my two when we go to the playcentre :D

JennieMo said...

Cass....toy radar! Wow...your talents know no bounds. You constantly amaze me with your gifts. I am hoping I can just find a man. We must get out and test your "find Jennie a man"-dar! Cause I am in desperate need! LOL!!

Harry looks much happier! YEAH! I like my Harry smiley posts! Keep me going each day!


Sif said...

Oh, so glad to hear she's doing a heap better!

Erik had that castle at home for a while (from the toy library - this would possbly have been when it first came out)... He loved it too - made me smile to see it again, happy memories!

What a clever chooky recognising photos of herself! Bryn recgnises people he looks at a lot, like his dad, his brother (there never are many photos of me, wonder why, hehehe), but not of himself - lack of mirror time, probably, LOL...

casso said...

Thanks so much for your well wishes guys, it really does mean a lot to us.

Jodes - the teeth feel the same way to us. When on earth will it end?

Mum8 - Been thinking about you guys as well. How's the new addition going?

Michelle - What is it with the letterbox? I mess with her head sometimes and swap over the 'mail' I put in there. She gets very surprised, it's a classic! Have seen the red tunnel - is that the one with birds on the side as well?

Jen - I can't elieve how many posts you put up so quickly the other day! Haven't had a chance to read through them all but will try to before the weekend is up. Oh and YAY to Angel and her steps, what a champ!

Jennie - My radar is going to tune in for you no problem. Let's arrange a date to go out dancing at Retro!

Sif - $70 seems like a good price to pay for that castle, especially since I see children up to 4yrs playing with it as well. Oh I don't know if she really understands that it's her in the photos. She's just obssessed with babies! Everytime we're out and see a stroller she starts yelling "BABY!" and pointing like a wild woman. So cute.