Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rub-a-dub Dub

Next to the cellar door there's a tub full of old water. Whilst putting the washing on today, Harriet started splashing around in it and loved creating bubbles. So I thought - marvellous, a new game!

Later on when I was hanging out said washing, I filled the tub with clean water and took down a few toys for her to float/immerse/splash etc. And she took to this game like...well, like a duck to water.
It was pretty thirsty business though and with a mid-play break for some boobie-licious delights, she was back at it straight away.

This cute smile was elicited after I showed her the photos I had been taking on the back of the camera. She then kept saying "Baby!" and grabbing the camera when I was trying to take more photos! She didn't seem to mind that they're a bit too dark.

Man, we have the most gorgeous little girl around. She has been just so much fun the past few days, playing with everything (the new game is putting stuff into stuff) and giggling away. I love her!

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