Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Happy Harry

Now I know I said the other day that Harriet was very grizzly; well, having two premolars poking their way through your gum would do that to you. So to prove she's still a peach I have posted these photos of her enjoying life from the past two days. Here she's loving being on her Papa's shoulders as we walked up to Brokenwood winery on Sunday. She was giggling and trying to grab Jimbo's nose which was amusing to watch but not so amusing for the nose.

Here she is just this morning grinning like a loon because she was playing with the cords from the blinds. See that little tag hanging down in the top left corner? That has a huge "WARNING - not to be left where children can play with this!" sign on it. Harriet the daredevil just laughs in the face of danger. She also loves to laugh wherever Santa Bear from Nana Lee is - see it in the background? Oh that Santa Bear had been subject to many a squeeze just prior to finding the blind cord. Freaky child.
At the same time she was pulling and chewing on the cord, she was busy playing face games with me. Some of her favourite things to do at the moment are:
* flick through pages of books - not baby books, adult books. She holds the edges of the pages and runs them through her fingers like she's trying to find where she left off.
* say "No" with an absolute deadpan voice whilst shaking her head emphatically
* flick through photo albums of herself (not that there isn't ample opportunity for that)
* play with the balls from the ball pool by holding them out between her fingertips

* play with water - ANY water. Here she's playing in the sculpture fountain at Centennial Park yesterday when it was quite hot

* play with any sort of bouncing ball
* steal my necklace from me - this was made for me by Lee and Harriet just loves it so much that whenever I put it on, she gets all cranky playing with it until she gets to wear it!

Look at how long and lanky she is! Today she has a dry cough that's keeping her sleep a little unsettled but she's still cute as anything. Today was sushi day and she ate her roll in a flash. Lucky for her we've put her down to learn Japanese at IGS!


Sif said...

I swear, she looks so grown up!

She eats sushi rolls? I have tried Bryn on those, don't like my chances, he's very tactic sensitive with his food, LOL... I have a feeling a sushi roll would get dumped on the floor!

casso said...

It's all those teeth that make her look old you know!

Oh and Harriet lurves sushi. You know I can't believe how quickly she's picked up on the best way to eat them. The first two were a nightmare, rice everywhere and completely unrolled. :o)

But for example this one today was so expertly eaten that I could pop the leftover back in the bag and bring it home to have later. Plus there was no mess on the shopping centre's highchair. Give him a few goes and he'll be right. He's a child of the world after all. ;o)

jodes said...

Xav plays with the cords too, I like to think I am rewriting safe parenting 101, for plebs LOL.
Havent tried sushi yet either although you will be pleased to know he is a big lentil fan, I think of you guys everytime he has them...

Michelle Scholz said...

Hi Cass, I hope you don't mind, but I have been having a peep at your blogger. I found the address on the back of your name tag from Mark and Malissa's wedding that you gave me. Harriet is soooo grown up, she is beautiful. Can't say that Ruby has tried sushi, but she is also a very good eater. I have a flicker address aswell if you would like to be invited????

casso said...

Hey Michelle! No, of course I don't mind you silly bugger, that's why I gave you the address!

Would love to see some photos of your little one, probably a lot easier to see on Flickr than by dim light at a reception table, hey? ;o) Not too keen on posting my email address on the public site, but it is cass----- @ hotmail.com, with the dashes being my surname.

Great to 'see' you in here!