Saturday, September 23, 2006

Softly, Softly, Catch a Monkey

Well, softly softly catch a Squeezmo anyway.

Here she's concentrating more on watching Smellie run down the stairs away from her. Squeezmo is watching her too, no doubt waiting to pounce on her soon after. Little does he know that bully karma is awaiting him in the form of Harriet.

She looks down and...oh! What joy! A cat!

Now, the photo I missed here was when she actually had a look pass over her face where she thought about what to do next. It appears that all those gentle exhortations of "gentle' finally made sense, because she didn't bang her excited palm up and down all over his face!
She leant over and ever so softly (for a 13mth old anyway) stroked his fur! Yay! The possibility of human/feline domestic relations reaching neutrality may be upon us.

In other news, Harry is really, really sick today. Poor mite can barely breathe, her nose is so blocked. Her cough sounds like she's an old smoker and her fever has been so bad at times that I wondered if we could save money by frying eggs for breakfast on her rather than turn on the gas. So in honour of the good times (ie: three days ago), here is a cute photo of Harriet and Papa Jimbo doing what they do best.

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