Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 4th 2016

The day that you leave to return to Sydney from Perth is a most unremarkable one. One leaves in the morning, boards a plane and, due to the time difference, essentially loses an entire day while in the air.

Of course it did mean, once again, having to negotiate the debilitating Perth crowds at the airport.

And another opportunity to pay $6 for a coffee.

And even another opportunity for Ted to refuse being in a photo.

And then we were off - the most pressing issues being which movie to watch and was the red toilet light on for the next five hours.

We touched down in Sydney where rain was pummeling down with merciless insistence, it was freezing cold and the queues for taxis snaked around tired concrete pillars. Ah - we all exhaled a sigh of relief to have our normalcy paraded before us. and gave some poor taxi driver the worst fare he's ever had from the airport.

Mostly though, we were all waiting to see Hobbes and with just a second's call from the back door he was there, bounding over the side fence, drenched and thrilled to see us all. Home!

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