Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 3rd 2016

Well another hot day in Perth meant our idea of finishing on a day at the Perth Zoo wasn't looking quite as appealing as it had on our initial (Sydney-compiled) itinerary. Harriet was still keen until I pointed out that we'd be there in the middle of the day on a hot day looking at animals who were probably doing what all sensible animals would be doing at that time and in that temperature. Namely - sleeping.  She wasn't so keen after that.

So after a sluggish start (that involved suitcase packing) we were all lying around in the lounge room until Gangpa piped up with "What about Scitech?". And then it was on. On like Donkey Kong, my friends. Before we flew to Perth we had been in Canberra and Ted had thoroughly enjoyed the immersive experience of Questacon (aka run-around-like-a-loon-until-he-couldn't-breathe). Scitech looked like it would fulfill our needs - air-conditioned, loads of different things to appeal to different members of the family and so we were off.

We arrived quite late in the afternoon and, in spectacularly reliable Perth fashion, it was devoid of people. See those people in the background? They were pretty much the only people there.

Scitech has a planetarium which we were advised to attend by the ticket seller. Good advice. You see Ted's excitement here? This was before the show started. He was beside himself throughout the show, air-punching, yelling out answers, alternately as still as stone or writhing like a lizard's tail - in short, one very happy boy. He had enjoyed the Maths and Explosions talk upstairs as well (and was similarly vocal during that, responding with an exasperated "We KNOW!" when the presenter attempted to explain what algebra is, running outside when there was to be a particularly loud explosion, and yelling out answers whenever they were asked. It sounds a lot more obnoxious in print than it was in person - that mop of hair can really soften the blow in real life.

Meanwhile all of Harriet's dreams were coming true when, on the tail end of our experience (including a fabulous segue into the Astronaut exhibit), Harriet happened upon the Water Wheel. She has been following the progress of this invention for a while now and could barely believe her eyes when she came across a whole exhibit dedicated to her favourite invention! She asked for one for her birthday and we compromised by saying we would donate so that families in need could benefit from one. I'm not sure where she thinks the latest watering hole might be in downtown inner city Sydney.

We had a short break for a late lunch of fruit and then straight back up for more science fun. A voice came on overhead to handily inform us that we should leave now if we wanted anything from the gift shop. And nothing says GO to children with money burning a hole in their pockets than an available gift shop.

As you can see, we were the last to leave.

Noodles afterwards were a necessity, fueling us on towards Cottesloe where we managed to swim in the delicious apricot-hued sunset that coloured the waves and brought down the night's close on our final night in Perth.

Notes on a photo: Ted isn't cradling a hypodermic but his Saturn V replica and Harriet is drinking what she proclaimed to be her favourite drink ever - coconut water with pulp. Her doll lying in repose is her favourite Christmas gift - Yuki. You may have spotted her earlier assisting with the firing of the air cannon.

We came back to Nana and Gangpa's still sandsticky and saltwashed, so it was a brief foray in the shower to rinse off before diving (not literally) into their spa. It was after 9pm when the children were ready to lie down on their beds for sleep.

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