Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 17th


It was the last day of the intensive swimming class on Friday morning.  Harriet was invited to take part in an additional class where they were teaching a swimming teacher.  Harriet jumped at the opportunity (not literally - after all, those areas next to the pool are slippery as hell) and that meant I was in charge of Ted. 


Ted was incorrigible.   He writhed and yelled, and, as some wonderful adjunct to it all, decided to parade naked and shout out terms that were not suitable for public places.  Oh the joy.

After we came back home the children were sent straight to the bath - the bubble bath!  After swearing off bubble bath for over a year (due to a sharp increase in screaming about who had more bubbles and how many bubbles were overall present in the bath and other unnecessarily frustrating 'conversation' requiring mediation), I decided to introduce it again when I saw some bubble bath that seemed to be ok for them to use and I hoped that they had outgrown the stress bubbles had previously rained upon our family. 

Thank goodness they had seemed to outgrown that challenging aspect to their bath interactions, and they have been having a lot of fun with bubble beards, bubble walls, bubble towns and bubble cleaning; pretty much the staples of bubble play.


The bath was especially important this morning, since we were all heading to a friend's birthday party.  They live close to our house but given that it was a pretty hot day, we drove over there.  More on that later.  Ted wore his current collared shirt, and he looked so grown up as he stood in the playroom doing up the buttons, I had visions of him getting ready for the kindy disco coming up soon.  *eep*


Teddy had chosen the present for his friend and he also chose the one for his friend having a party a few days later.  Honestly, I can't even write down what he chose because it was so appalling.  I doubt their mothers will ever speak to me again.


So here is Ted within about five minutes of walking into the house.  Does anything seem a little...well...odd about this trampoline photo?  Look more carefully.  Ah HA!  Yes, my friends, this was an indoor trampoline.  The house is a converted warehouse and has incredible ceilings, perfect for trampolines.


There was an entertainer and while he entertained, the parents caught up with all of the details of what had been happening over the holidays.  It was lovely to see everyone again, and we all chatted away at pace.

At one point there was quite a bit of volume applied to the entertainer's performance.  I'm sure you can believe that I was wholly incredulous at Ted's response.  Really?  This from the child who literally turns the stereo up to 50 and belts out tunes in the playroom on an hourly basis?  Ah, selective sensitivity.

Ted found this plane and, well, he loved it. Who on earth wouldn't?

When we popped into the car to drive home, I noticed the petrol light was on.  I fell into a  well of white panic.  How long had it been on?  Were we going to be stranded between here and home (all of a kilometre away)?  Would the car self-combust?  I made a beeline for the petrol station and this was the result.  *ouch*  Totally and completely believe in the need to have high economic prices on items that have high environmental prices. But just think of the organic fruit and veg we could have bought with that money!  sob

That evening, when James came home, Ted decided for some reason to engage in some industrious, physically dangerous activity.  He wound the rope for the pulley all around his torso, as you can see.  He then jumped off the raised section at the rear of our outdoor seating area.  Pfft - of course he did.  Why, what do you do with your outdoor pulley?  You're probably just using its load bearing assistance to move items of weight like a chump.  Start thinking laterally, people, and follow that thought to its logical end - massive personal injury. 

And injury there was.  I was inside and heard the wailing before I saw anything.  Ted was lying, crumpled on the bark chips, trying to raise himself into a hunched stance whilst screaming and nursing his side.  Turns out that, however it was that he fell, it left a deep rope burn underneath his arm, a sharp piercing blow to his side (complete with an immediate deep dark bruise) and a less intense rope burn across his waist.  Now that's going to be a fun one to explain to DoCS. 

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