Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16th

Today was another of those out-of-the-house days.  We moved from swimming lessons straight on to another pool for some recreational swimming. 

Remember that I couldn't find my underwater camera the other day?  Well, I still can't find it.  Not happy!  This means that all swimming activities remain photo-free zones and I can enjoy the embrace of water without the omnipresent concern of camera safety.

After we showered in the afternoon we realised that we had failed to pack an outfit for Harriet.  So that meant she wore the dress I had worn over my swimming costume and then I popped my hat on her. 

The effect was rather disconcerting.

 Harriet also briefly smiled for the camera, which was even more disconcerting. 

We had stopped off at a toyshop on the way home to purchase a couple of gifts for some upcoming birthday parties and Ted fell in love with the toy he chose for his friends.  In fact he fell so in love with it that he had a meltdown when having to hand it back over the counter.  Fun times.  

Turns out that he was crazy tired and fell asleep in the back seat on the way home.  I transferred him out to the play room where he continued to lie for another twenty minutes or so, until I woke him up in a white panic that it may affect his evening sleep.

Being a Jedi Knight can be tiring, after all.


While he slept I grabbed the opportunity to make some date balls.  I decided that my lack of coconut wouldn't stop me and instead mixed the dates with some hazelnut meal and vanilla (plus a scratch of pink salt of course).  Why did I wait until Ted was sleeping before making these?  Well they need to be refrigerated before being eaten.  There was no way that I could have made these without Ted screaming about his NEED to have one as soon as he saw them.  Is there a surefire way to teach instant patience?  If so, please forward me the link.

Given the nature of the day (hot) and energy levels (low), the children were treated to a movie.  However despite watching Star Wars movies galore, Ted was completely terrified in Brave when the mother turned into a bear and no amount of hugging and gentle discussion would persuade him to enter into that world again.  So instead they watched an episode of Mythbusters where they exploded a car with rockets strapped on to it (marginal educational opportunity to learn about centre of gravity) and Mr Bean (opportunity to learn about social propriety).

While the children watched, I looked up textbooks and timetables and had silent squeal after silent squeal of excitement.

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