Monday, November 04, 2013

The View From Here

 And by the view from here I mean it literally - the view from where I sit right now has changed in a most delicious fashion.  Today I embraced the decluttering bug and attacked what had been dubbed the 'craft buffet'.  The kicker for that was that my children don't 'do' craft.  Their craft is sporadic, unpredictable and short lived.  Inspiration usually erupts from the introduction of a particularly large piece of recycling (eg: a big box) and considering the rarity with which such items enter our home, this was an event less than worthy of the amount of space dedicated to the preservation of such craft-related items as cellophane.

So, in light of some major and minor home refurbishments and renovations coming up on our horizon, I grabbed my child-free day by the horns and attacked that cupboard.  I had the wild-eyed fervour of one who lives in the inner west and suddenly spies the unthinkable - new storage space!  For in our upcoming new-look home, we will need to move a few little things around, and finding a new space for my ridiculous fabric stash was on the list.


And so it was that, after a couple of hours, I had this as my after photo.  Prettier, don't you think?

So, yes.  I like the view from here right now.  

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