Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Movies

In the school holidays just gone, Harriet attended a pretty cool one day workshop at the Powerhouse Museum that was just for girls.  Whilst there she made a new friend, exchanged email addresses and has been asking me to organise a playdate with her.  Being a terrible mother I haven't quite got around to it yet, but I shall.

Anyway, this was the video that she made.  Each girl made her own and they all shared materials and made the soundtracks on an app called Garage Band.  The whole experience was truly awesome.

Harriet also asked me to shoot a video of Bear in a show that was to be an expose of his flying skills.  The video is not quite as gripping as his stage manager may have thought, but I did enjoy this photo taken during the rehearsals:

Ted's take on movies is somewhat skewed slightly - to the more self-indulgent.  He asked me to take some photos of him as he recreated a photo from one of the Harry Potter cards that Harriet has in a book she purchased from the op-shop a while ago.  The photo he set out to recreate was this one.  So without actually referencing it, he set up the following photo:


He also then wanted to make the 'movie behind the photo'.  This was what he asked me to shoot:

 And I have been meaning to post a link to this for a while now, and just plum forgot.  For those of you who think they know just how loud our house must be, or believe they can empathise, I'd like to direct your attention to this little gem.  Filmed in June, it offers an insight into the volume levels in our house on a regular basis.  And as it says in its caption, this little parade of enthusiasm went on at this level of passion for about fifteen minutes that aren't captured here on film.

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