Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Adventures

One afternoon, when Harriet wasn't feeling much like going to school (so was at home) and Ted wasn't feeling much like being cooperative (so was breathing), I decided to whisk us up and out of the house and into a park somewhere.

We were on our way to a park over East somewhere, when the traffic snarled ahead in the afternoon sun.  This of course defeated the purpose of getting out of the house, so I performed a u-turn (Ted *loves* it when I make a u-turn) and drove back to a park I've been meaning to explore many times previously.

It was lovely!  It held a half-made teepee, obviously constructed by some local children and been abandoned when they were called in one afternoon.  Inspired by their architecture, Harriet and I worked on making our own, as you can see in these photos. 


Ted was more interested in exploring the waterfowl pond and river, and trying to discover the source of the overbearing sound of croaking in one area.  It was a remarkably and deceptively large park and apart from some horrific bindis that left me with welts all around my knees (I knelt down in them to talk face-to-face with Ted at one point), it is a fantastic spot.  As you cross over the small dam you could be forgiven for forgetting you're in the city at all.  Deliciously hidden and wonderfully rambling.

And just as we were getting ready to go (due to a rapid Ted mood deterioration), we ran into two friends and their children.  So it was smiles all 'round and back to the playground area for an en masse play.  Bonus!

Another day of wearing Ted out means another day of happy families. 

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