Friday, September 20, 2013


What do you do when you have a rambunctious four-and-a-half year old?  Take him to a hall and ask him to be quiet for ninety minutes, of course!

But there was no option on this one, because Harriet was performing in her Spring concert, in what was billed as a 'Miniature Minuet Orchestra', where she played Minuet 3 with two other boys named Josh that she'd never met before. And it all turned out all right on the night.  *phew*

Ted was remarkably quiet for the performance and then even turned on the dancing shoes at the end, when the disco ball was turned on for the large scale group performance.  Oh yes, you read correctly.  Disco Ball!  We don't have any of those average, run-of-the-mill, staid violin concerts.  

In what has become the daily family activity of 'Wear Ted Out', we headed out to the new park in our area one afternoon.  They played haphazardly in the equipment for a while, ending in sadness and quasi-meltdowns.

Well we best be off to explore the place in our own adventurous method, then.
Harriet, Ted and I took off on a lap of the oval at speed.  Harriet decided to have a little lie down and contemplate the world for a moment afterwards.

She looked so damn cute doing that, that I felt compelled to smooch her mercilessly.

And then she was right back to it.  But in memory of our purpose in being there (Wear. Ted. Out.), I roused her from her reverie and the three of us brought Jimbo down with the ball. 

The four of us played football (at breakneck speed too, awesome!) for quite a while.  The shadows grew long and Ted received instruction from another child on the field on how to do a 'lace' kick (proceeding to then ram it straight into their goal on his first try), while we had our own interloper who was fascinated by Harriet (which of course she loved).

This was the last photo taken of Ted where he still looked relatively alert.  He was fading as rapidly as the sun (woohoo!).

Ted suggested a quick game of rugby at the end of the day.  Incredibly, no children were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Operation Ted Wear Out a success.

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neilly said...

That imagine of Harry-Red on stage is astoundingly beautiful.