Thursday, June 13, 2013

Older and Wiser


So as many of you will know, I turned 40 over the long weekend.  Somewhere amongst the surprise dinners, high tea, large picnic with extravagant cake I had a birthday.  The long weekend was even longer than usual and there seemed to be more hours in each day than was usual and we saw our new babysitter more often than usual as I was whisked off for after hours surprises.

I will write about it sometime soon, I promise.  I'm a bit tired at the moment though, and Ted has been more than intense and Harriet more than teary.  Each day is a minefield of managing aggressive bursts from Ted with the weepy martyrdom of Harriet.  It can kind of take it out of you.  I'm sure you all know that four is the age where boys get the biggest surge of testosterone than they get at any other time in their lives.  Well this little Mama is ready for a break. I managed to fix our car, with a little help from Jimbo via the internet.  And I mean properly fix it - have it go from undriveable to driving down to the auto parts shop and looking for a stopgap measure to affix one loopy thing to a wire thing and I even used the word transmission.  To another adult.  And it wasn't about disease.

I also had the most touching and beautiful review of my book from a little girl that I don't know.  It totally made my day/week/month/life.

And I also just ate a Caramello Koala.  So I'm on a nice sugar rush right now.  Older but maybe not so much wiser after all.

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Anonymous said...

Mama! Why are you still writing about me?!