Thursday, May 30, 2013

Because You're Cutting Oranges Incorrectly

No, really.  When I see oranges sitting there so innocently being cut in a manner that looks like so much work and remains so inefficient, I weep for the citrus.  Well, maybe not weep, but I do love to cut oranges a certain way.  (The orange used for display purposes in this post is the first orange from our orange tree that we can eat - yay!).

Grab that orange and cut off the ends.  Yep, both of them.  Why?  Well think about it - when you suck into an orange wedge, it's always a bit awkward getting that end bit out of the spiky point of orange.  This way, when you chomp down on the orange, your lip can go all the way over the end of the orange and not have the taste of bitter rind but only the sweet flavour of orange flesh inside.

It also makes it a handy base for when you stand it up to cut into wedges.  Now see where I put the knife?  I have all of the obvious core/pith on one side of the knife.  You go ahead and cut that sucker right down there.  

Now start cutting the half into wedges, but always keep the core on top.  That way, by the time you get to the final wedge you will have a little pile of wedges that are core/pith free.  You then just have to stand up that last wedge and cut off its pith.  

Do the same for the second half and look at that - a wonderfully delicious orange cut with a minimum number of slices to produce a pith/core free, easily ripped from the skin orange wedge.  

And these, my friends, are the things that matter in life.  I hope this has been an informative post for you all.

ps - The orange was delicious.

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ha ha so funny mams