Tuesday, January 29, 2013

28th of January

The last day of the holidays!  It's still raining and we have managed to avoid the worst of the weather over here on the Eastern seaboard.  James was going to paint a blackboard on the wall of the kitchen but I thought it would be cuter to paint the inset areas on the cupboard. I think it looks quite cool and can't wait to start using it to remind me to buy cat food.  I am a terrible furparent and am always forgetting to buy cat food if we run out. 

 Harriet and Teddy set up this very cute little house in the playroom and proceeded to drink tea and eat a very special biscuit.  Harriet was reading the Childcraft book of stories from around the world, Ted was reading about Houses from Long Ago (that's an awesome book) and so I sat down to read my book.  edited to add: I just heard from Ted that here they were playing "poor people" and Ted had come over for a visit.  Just so you know.

The pattern of full sun and  torrential rain has made our lawn go feral again.  We can barely keep up with it.  This was clipped right down to the stone only a week ago.  I know - I was down on my hands and knees cutting that stuff.


We kept very low key, very quiet and  I made a pair of shorts for Ted.  That was it for the day, really.

Harriet entertained Ted in the evening with the story of The Sound of Music.  I flinched at his unwavering interest. Please please please do not allow this to be the next phase of fascination.  I've already done that one with the first child for around three years. That's enough for any one lifetime.

And tomorrow - school starts.  The uniform was laid out, Ted's new shorts and generally purple outfit was laid out and James and I laid on the lounge to do not much at all.  Yay!

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