Tuesday, January 29, 2013

27th of January


 Sunday was the time to organise the house for the upcoming school term.  We cleared out the drawers we use for the children's school stationery and general detritus, which of course lead to the unearthing of forgotten treasures and old favourites.  As the rain continued to cover the house, we worked at keeping the interior free of that muggy, heavy sensation which it is wont to have when the summer rains fall.

As part of the clear-out I even tackled a little of our walk-in pantry, where I discovered Jenga.  Stop all activity!  Cease and desist!  We all sat down to play ASAP, and before long it was raining wooden bricks in the lounge room.  Ted was surprisingly nimble and dextrous, working hard to ensure his three year old fingers were working just as carefully as those around him.

And then really, not much else happened for the rest of the day.  Indoors as we were on account of the gentle, but persistent, rain, the day passed quietly and gently, with numerous little games played and meals made and, finally, baths taken.

It had been a while since we'd been able to elicit any interest from the children regarding bathing.  But perhaps it was the calm of the day working seamlessly to move into a relaxing aquatic immersion.  Harriet and Ted had a lovely long bath without incident, where they both engaged in their favourite bathtime activity - slathering conditioner ever so gently on to each other's hair.  They do it with such a beautifully gentle touch and such a slow rhythmic motion that it's almost a meditative event. 

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