Friday, October 05, 2012


We've been away, on a last minute surprise interstate trip.  If the trip taught me nothing else, it definitely taught me that Ted is not a great traveler.  In fact, he is a terrible traveler.

We missed birthdays and have lagged terribly with our communications with the world in general, but I am on a mission!  I am endeavouring to get back on top of all things - birthdays (despite having six birthday parties over two jam-packed weekends of festive madness coming up), emails (despite having an email interface that keeps crashing on me), sewing (oh goodness, don't even talk to me about all the sewing I need to do!), writing (haha!), photo editing (I only took a few while we were away thank goodness...except that my few means a couple of hundred. Literally.  *sigh*), work editing (it's sitting there in the inbox...glaring at me...), catching up in person with people (luckily the most important person has been ticked off already!), and the usual life stuff.

I'll obviously blog soon, but tomorrow we're on an outdoor mission so I'm making sure I get a decent sleep tonight in anticipation.  Will write soon.  I promise!

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Lou said...

I just realised Ted's wearing the Perth vest. Perfect!